An Urgent Request from Indonesian Conservationists

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The following post is a guest blog from Indonesian conservationist and RAN ally Tezar Pahlevie. Please watch the brief following video of Tezar speaking to RAN staff from his home province of Aceh in Sumatra, Indonesia from November 2013.

Please take action now to protect the extraordinary Leuser Ecosystem forever!

You can read more from Tezar below:


RAG_Tezar_Cropped_500My name is Tezar Pahlevie. This year I was honored by winning the 2013 GRASP Conservation award for my team’s work restoring rainforests damaged by illegal palm oil plantations, but now, a dangerous push from palm oil companies could see all our hard work undone. I write from my home in Aceh, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, because the people and the place I love most are in danger and I urgently need support from people around the world to save them.

Please join me in asking the governor of Aceh to protect the world class Leuser Ecosystem by nominating it as a new UNESCO World Heritage site.

This is a really scary time for me, because the governor of Aceh has on his desk a disastrous plan that would remove crucial protections from the Leuser Ecosystem, opening up huge areas of some of the world’s most biologically diverse forests to major industrial development. This new plan could be signed by the governor at any time.

The six million acre Leuser Ecosystem is home to the densest population of orangutans remaining anywhere and it is the only place where orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhinos and sun bears live in the same forest together.Nearly four million people depend on the rainforests of the Leuser Ecosytem to provide them with clean water for drinking, irrigation and food production.

I am really sad and frustrated because every day and every month I see the destruction of the forests around my home. We in Aceh have experienced the dangerous floods that come after the logging and destroy people’s homes, livelihoods and in some cases, takes the lives of our friends or family. Witnessing all this destruction breaks my heart.

We have a different vision for Aceh. We must protect the Leuser Ecosystem and the people who rely on it. The Aceh people have long fought to protect these forests because they provide us with clean water, food and are important for the next generation.

It is urgent that the governor of Aceh hears from you now.

Just recently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) identified the Leuser Ecosystem as one of the world’s foremost “irreplaceable areas” that must be protected to preserve biodiversity. I stand with scientists from across the world who are right now calling on the governor of Aceh to protect our forests by nominating the region to become a new UNESCO World Heritage site.

It gives me hope that by people across the world calling on the governor, he will listen to the people instead of the companies that want to destroy our forests, and work to find a balance that will protect the forests and the livelihoods of Aceh’s people.

Please take action today to automatically send a fax to Governor Dr. Zaini Abdullah asking him to listen to the traditional wisdom of Aceh’s people by supporting the nomination of the Leuser Ecosystem as a new UNESCO World Heritage site.

Semangat – keep the spirit,

Tezar Pahlevie

Conservationist and 2013 GRASP Conservation Award Winner


5 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Laura Lewis says:

    Please stop the Rainforest destruction now. It is already too late for so many. The harm you are doing to the forests, the inhabitants, both human and other animals, and indeed, the entire planet depends on your acting in a responsible and humane way. There are viable alternatives to destroying this invaluable ecosystem. Please do what you know is right—you live on this planet, too.

  2. Veronicanavigato says:

    Please stop this barbaric activity .

  3. The most specific action would be change first of all, our way of life, without this, the destruction of the life in the ecosystems will be extreme.

    think globally act locally

  4. please join to respect from orangutan and forest creatures. help them with you respect about forest saving a orangutan and do not use palm oil products :)

  5. Joy says:

    Keep traing to Government of Indonesia to remind

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