The No Keystone XL Movement Needs You!

Written by Scott Parkin

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Houston KXL Pledge March to TransCanada’s HQ

Two weeks, a group of courageous people were arrested in the belly of the beast: TransCanada’s U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. These were mothers, fathers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, scientists, and teachers who staged a peaceful sit-in with a clear message: No Keystone XL tar sands pipeline!

People from the extraction sites in Alberta to the piney woods of East Texas to the front steps of the White House have battled to stop Keystone XL and scores of other oil infrastructure projects.  Many of them have faced escalated criminal charges, civil litigation from TransCanada and police violence.

At RAN we have a policy never to ask you to take an action, online or offline, that we don’t believe will make a strategic difference and have an impact that is worth your time.

On Monday, we’ll be organizing another Keystone XL Pledge action in John Kerry’s hometown of Boston with our allies CREDO Action and The Other 98%. For months, President Obama and his State Department have weighed their decision on whether this disastrous dirty energy pipeline is in our national interest. Our job must be to show enough opposition to the pipeline to ensure the president stands on the right side of this historical moment.

More than 75,000 people, including many of you, have signed RAN, Other 98% and CREDO’s Pledge of Resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline—pledging to participate in peaceful civil disobedience, to risk arrest if necessary, to stop this dangerous tar sands pipeline.

To be clear, this is a serious request of your time, your passion and, potentially, your liberty. We’re asking now because it’s critical.

HTX KXL arrests

Houston Police arrests KXL Pledgers

These actions are coming together because of months of work by literally hundreds of people. A group of seasoned direct action organizers built a training curriculum and traveled to 25 cities around the country to teach people like you how to plan and lead a safe, strategic sit-in. Hundreds of activists stepped up to attend these rigorous two-day weekend trainings, and then went home to put that training into action.

Now we’re asking: Will you join us?

The dates for these local actions have not been set, but the dates of action trainings have. We’re asking everyone to get in touch with local action leaders so we can prepare for action now and are ready to respond if and when President Obama signals his intention to approve the pipeline.

That is our most strategic window to have the biggest impact.

We need you to join us.

5 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. n/a says:

    scott parkin, you and all the rest of the assholes that are protesting the xl pipeline (including obutfuck your president) should mind your bueiness . I worked the oilfields and pipelines for many years and I will tell you bunch of shitheads one thing it don’t have a god dam thing to do with glowbull warning. I am going to work on the pipeline . Iam voting againts all of you protesters eat shit and dye

  2. anon says:

    N/A this is our business!!! We live in America and we will have to deal with the enviromental implications this pipeline will bring. You’re obviously not very well educated using profanity and terrible spelling and maybe that’s why you work the oil fields. I’m sorry your life sucks so much that you would like the protesters to eat shit (probably some kind of weird fantasy of yours) and *dye (*which is spelled die). Educate yourself on *glowbull (which again is spelled incorrectly, the proper spelling is global for future reference) warming. Obviously it puts more money in your pocket if this pipeline is built because you will be working on it, and that’s just selfish and greedy. You’re the problem with America! Take a good look in the mirror Mr./Mrs. N/A. You are wrong and that’s the bottom line. Word of advice, use spell check (it’s free) and proof read before posting. Have a great day!

  3. BJR says:

    Scott, Perhaps if there was anyone presenting an alternative to the pipeline then the anti-pipeline folks would be winning in the free market of ideas. Right now 61% of Americans support the pipeline.

    What is the alternative that you and the protestors are advocating for? More exploding train cars? Barges full of oil on our rivers? or is this just a push for “anything but hydrocarbons”? It seems to me that once you assume that oil and gas are a part of the energy mix for at least the next 100 years, then you should be in favor of keystone as the safest way to get that oil and gas to market.

    Maybe there’s another side of this, but I have yet to hear anything other than “No pipeline”.

  4. Kevin Abeln says:

    BJR says, “What is the alternative that you and the protesters are advocating for? How about wind, solar, fusion. Each of these is virtually limitless where oil is limited I doubt there is 100 years of oil left, but if so, then that gives us 100 years to get wind, solar and other clean energy sources working. We have to start now. China is way ahead of the U.S. in this. Do you want to buy your energy from China? I don’t want to

  5. Dave says:

    All I can say is drill baby drill. I hope the next president has the balls to declare energy independence a national security issue and just rams it though. We need to build nuclear plants, drill allot more, and build new refineries so that we can get off the hook with the middle east. Over time technology will improve and maybe someday we can go solar but for now the answer is drill baby drill.

    All you environmental nuts that complain about oil should just give up on life and never use any modern device at all because you are part of the problem then.

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