Larry Gibson: “Stand With Me Against BofA and Coal”

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As a native West Virginian, I have experienced the dire impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining firsthand. I used to walk around the forests surrounding my family’s home on Kayford Mountain and feel like I was a part of mother nature. Now all I feel is dynamite exploding and the vibration of heavy machinery.

As a longtime opponent of the coal industry, I’ve been the target of threats, harassment, and, recently, a burglary at my home as a result of my speaking out. But I’m not intimidated – I will continue to speak out. Will you speak out with me and call on Bank of America to stop funding coal?

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Bank of America is the largest financier of the US coal industry. That’s why I’m here in Charlotte to attend the bank’s shareholder meeting. I am going to speak the truth about the dirty, outdated coal industry directly to the executives, board members, and shareholders of BofA.

I need you to stand with me as I confront the powers-that-be at Bank of America. They need to know that I have thousands of Americans standing at my back. Please sign the petition calling on BofA to stop funding the coal industry.

A few years ago, I sat down with Bank of America executives and asked them to stop funding companies that do mountaintop removal coal mining. They assured me they would – but they didn’t keep their word. Bank of America is still funding companies that use this highly destructive coal mining practice.

I’m heading to BofA’s shareholder meeting tomorrow to express my disappointment and frustration to the folks calling the shots at BofA. They need to hear from people like me, people whose lives have been greatly impacted by the companies they choose to finance in order to make a profit, without any regard for the impacts on people and the planet.

Bank of America’s executives, board, and shareholders need to hear from you too. Please sign the petition today.

The break-in at my house caused thousands of dollars in damage and left my security system disabled. If you can spare it, please consider making a donation to help me rebuild.

Amanda Starbuck

For the mountains,

Larry Gibson
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation

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