Boston Tells Bank Of America: “No Coal”

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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via RAN Boston

On Tax Day, RAN Boston activists joined a national day of action targeting Bank of America over….. well… everything.

Bank of America currently pay no taxes to the government, yet received massive bailouts after they crashed the economy. They are currently the largest forecloser of homes in the U.S. and the largest funder of the coal industry. They’ve laid off tens of thousands of their own employees, while bestowing their execs with lavish bonuses. It has just been recently reported that CEO Brian Moynihan’s salary quadrupled in the past year.

Early in the afternoon, RAN Boston activists showed up to Bank of America’s downtown offices at 100 Federal St. with flyers, signs and chants. They were soon joined by over 30 housing activists with Right To The City and then more with Occupy Boston. Tax Day all over the country focused on Bank of America’s misdeeds against the American public and this combination of housing, climate and economic justice activists.

The Boston campaign to highlight Bank of America’s involvement in the coal industry is just beginning. On May 5th in Sudbury, MA (neighboring community to many BofA execs) will host “The Real Cost Of Coal” forum featuring speakers from coal impacted communities from Appalachia to the Powder River Basin. Then on May 6th, another forum will happen in Cambridge, MA.

Many of Bank of America’s operations and most important decision-makers reside in the Boston area. And we are there to say no to their financing of coal.

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  1. gary says:

    Since we are going to burn coal, the effort should be toward coal
    gasification and CO2 capture. China right now is finishing a large
    scale gasification project with captured CO2 sold for oil extraction or
    other methods of storage.

    Sometimes helping the system to work better means more than beating
    it to death.
    I would just as soon see most power from wind, solar and hydro. This
    will take time and energy that will derive from fossil fuels for the
    time being.

  2. Virginia says:

    Hey Guys !

    So happy I had the chance to see you outside of BofA on Federal Street. Unfortunately my bank account is with this corporation, but recently I watched “Thrive” The Movie on Youtube, and I will have to close my account due to what I learnt about this bank.

    Thanks for being awesome !


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