Can You Arrest A Corporation?

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Wanted: Mr. Cargill

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There are some who say that corporations are people. So can you arrest one?

Well, we’re going to find out.

Right now, corporations technically have the same First Amendment rights as real live people (as ruled by the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC two years ago). So shouldn’t we (real live people) hold corporations to the same level of accountability that we do other people when it comes to trashing the planet and shamefully disregarding human rights?

As global citizens, it is time to intervene.

In Minneapolis on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, join our coalition of citizens who are invoking the true purpose of a citizens’ arrest: to halt a dangerous and harmful criminal in their tracks. We will form search parties and take to the streets to see if anyone has seen this corporate “person,” known as Cargill, Inc. so the 99% can bring “him” to justice.

This “citizens’ arrest” will spotlight Cargill’s abuse of corporate personhood and corporate manipulation of the global food system by highlighting the company’s many crimes against human dignity. Cargill’s pursuit of the “commercialization of photosynthesis”, as touted by CEO Greg Page, has led our world toward a dangerous consolidation of power over our food supply in the hands of the 1%. Are companies with a bottom line of profit to be trusted with the well-being of people and planet? With a corporation that has a particularly bad track-record like Cargill’s, the answer is obviously no.

Cargil Wanted wheatpaste

"Wanted: Cargill, Inc" posters have mysteriously appeared all over the Minneapolis calling for a citizens' arrest of the corporation for 'profiteering off people and planet.'

It is time to Occupy Cargill, to stop these corporate crimes against human dignity, and reclaim control over our food and health in the name of justice and sustainability. What we can create must and will be better. It starts this weekend in Minneapolis.

End Corporate Personhood. Occupy Our Food Supply!

We hope you will be able to join us if you are in the Twin Cities area. RSVP on Facebook today!

Whether or not you can make it to Minneapolis to help us apprehend Cargill, you can follow our live updates via Twitter: @theprobwithpalmoil

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  1. philip wright says:

    If corporations are people, then all of them represent the population of a small town!

  2. david t from cali says:

    if a corporation wants the same rights as us, then they can have the right to remain silent. since you cant move a corporation physically into jail, the trial will happen on the premises with all the employees and CEOs locked inside. kind of reminds me in ‘Aladdin’, when Jafar wishes to be a genie, backfire bitch. its not all its cut out to be. can corporations predominately run by black people get beat up by police officers and brown run corps will get id checks every day. then the white corporations will get lazy, fire their workers and hire more from the brown corps……I can go on forever

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