Great Moments In Stupid Chevron PR

Written by Mike G

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Now that Chevron has been found guilty — again — for intentionally dumping a massive amount of toxic oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, the company has become increasingly desperate to explain its refusal to take responsibility. But then, Chevron’s spokespeople have never been afraid to make absurd excuses for why their company puts profits over people.

We’ve received thousands of submissions for new excuses Chevron can use, but we’re sure there are plenty more where those came from. So we compiled some of the most ridiculous things Chevron spokespeople have said over the years in this video, to give you a little inspiration. These are truly some of the stupidest moments in Chevron PR:

As you can see, Chevron’s PR hacks are struggling to come up with a valid excuse for why their company refuses to do the right thing in Ecuador. Go to now and suggest a new excuse they can use.

Of course, sending their PR zombies out to spout their ludicrous talking points is not the only response Chevron has come up with. Many more of Chevron’s shameless tactics are detailed here.

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  1. Glenn Moss says:

    Isn’t it amazing how people will lie and prostitute themselves for a company? Let’s all spin the prayer wheels that Chevron is held fully accountable.

  2. Ask the lady who says she is wearing makeup and therefore has oil on her face, is she wearing crude oil? Instead of egg on her face, she has oil on her face! Watch her eyes and her facial expressions each time she speaks! They reveal how much she is trying to cover up lies. I think that, as an experiment, she should have crude oil supplied to her face to see how it feels to be burned and smothered with that toxic compound! Then ask her the same questions. I bet she would have different answers!!

  3. Jaime Santin says:

    That is unbelievable. I am not surprise that Chevron comes up with this stupid arguments. People, animals and plants are dying in the poluted area. However, Chevron oficials are enjoying the easy money they got.
    No chevron, this time no…

  4. Lena says:

    Very informative video. It actually makes me sick to think about how many lies are floating around this nation, and how many excuses it takes to cover it all up. The saddest part of all is that these lies are fueled by the obvious stupidity of most Americans. There aren’t nearly enough people out there who don’t want to be fed these lies, who aren’t satisfied with whatever they are being told. Keep making videos!

  5. maureen says:

    Wait, wait! When I have pepperoni on my pizza, the pepperoni curls into little bowls, and they fill up with oil. I always eat them, and they never give me cancer!

  6. Kelly Montes says:

    Mike, Never, Ever, Give-Up! If you were not constenly reminding the world of its responsibilites, well, who would? My resposnibility is to forward this message to every other humanbeing I know. My responsibility is to ponder, contemplate and than act to support you and your message. Your are, most definately, My Hero. Simply, thank you
    Kelly Montes

  7. Kelly Montes says:

    Dear Mike,
    You are absoutely, with-out a shadow of a doubt, My Hero. Thank you for doing, I would assume, a mostly thankless job. Your reporting of this grave situation and how so many can turn their heads for the sake of a proffit, is not what most humanbeings are about. Do Not Give Up. And my responsibility in all this is to forward your message to every livings soul I know.
    Thank you,
    Kelly Montes

  8. paradigm shift says:

    I actually like the one ‘rep’ who says “i know that it is difficult to comprehend that nothing is happening at all and if so chevron is not accountable’ seems like the same excuse for other global issues as well.

    and yes if you have a brain it IS difficult to comprehend how low you will go to defend an evil corporation…she is basically trying to rationalize her own actions to HERSELF!!!

    she is asking for your consideration for destroying millions who use NO OIL.

    if you can read faces she is saying yes she is prostituting herself for chevron..but she is making a ton of dough doing so!!!

    it is a battle for denialists trying to hurry to make it into top 1% before the sh*( you are causing comes back down on you…like a giant boulder chasing you….why not just stop CAUSING it and dont worry at all. that would make too much sense, apparently.

  9. Randy Outland says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to the ridiculous parrots at Chevron Oil who mindlessly repeat the company propaganda. If you haven’t already done it, get your friends and families to boycott Chevron and Texaco and stop buying fuel from these irresponsible vultures who feed on the misfortunes of the people whose environment this oil company has trashed. RAN, start advocating a boycott of these companies and hit them where it seems to hurt them the most – in their bottom line. And let’s include Exxon while we’re at it.

  10. Couldn’t leave a comment on the site to suggest a ‘new absurd excuse for Chevron’, but feel the staring-eyed dark haired female lawyer should say ‘Aliens made us do it!’ This would be about as believable as her utter lies – does she not realise that people don’t like being treated with contempt? Does she not know that many TRUSTED people (unlike certain lawyers) have been to the sites and reported – and we trust them, we most certainly don’t trust her and her ilk.

  11. Larry Pringle says:

    Chevron must be stopped from polluting the land and water with toxins from oil, we must all stick together and let them know we will not stand for this and we will do whatever is necessary to stop it.

  12. sharon furlong says:

    mark twain said: “Denial is more than a river in Egypt.”

    In Chevron’s case, that river is also polluted with oil….

    Thank you for this video.

  13. Lorree Gardener Milne says:

    I eat crude on my cereal for breakfast every morning and I’m not dead yet.

  14. SMB says:

    Drink you crude oil like a man!!!!

    Wow, do these PR people actually believe their own drivel?

  15. Robert Nix says:

    It’s so incredibly obvious that we just heard a PACK OF LIES here but we as individuals need to do something about oil consumption and that is GO GREEN,I’m doing it;only use the car for long distance trips otherwise it’s the bicycle and public transit,green detergents for cold water wash,look into solar panels(could be a tax break on that too)and a biggie is actually cutting out meat from your diet because the industry as a whole is a huge contributer to greenhouse gases and a huge energy user.
    Robert Nix Rock/Pop Artist Environmentalist

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