Girl Scouts Win Brower Youth Award

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Congratulations to Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva for winning this year’s Brower Youth Award!

These two intrepid Girl Scouts leaders are paving the way to ensure that Girl Scout cookies are palm oil-free, and not compromising some of our most endangered forests and animals.

Check out just how inspiring they truly are in this Rikshaw Films video:

Girl Scouts Rhiannon and Madi on the CBS Early Show

Girl Scouts Rhiannon and Madi on the CBS Early Show

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  1. Brenda says:

    What an encouraging article. As a former Girls Scout Troop Leader and a soapmaker, I can relate to what these women are doing. So glad to see these leaders to get involved in real issues affecting our world. As I researched making soap, virtually EVERY recipe and instruction included palm oil. “Sustainable” or not, I don’t use it at all. I make palm-free soaps and there’s really no excuse to include it. Thanks for keeping the awareness up on this important issue.

  2. mem says:

    congratulations girls! what an inspiration! :)

  3. B Lee says:

    I remember signing a petition more than a year or two ago for the 2 Girl Scouts where were leading the charge to get palm oil removed from the Girl Scout cookies! When I asked those selling the cookies if they had signed they didn’t even know about it so I told them to sign and spread the word.

    What in the heck did everyone use BEFORE palm oil? Why can’t we take a step backward and quit using this oil in EVERYTHING?

    CONGRATULATIONS to those Girl Scouts who started the campaign!

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