Just Do It

Written by Scott Parkin

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This is better than Harry Potter.

Film maker Emily James has documented the emergence of a bold grassroots climate movement in the UK in her new film “Just Do It.” They are sick of waiting on politicians, lobbyists and international bodies to change the world and end climate change, so these folks are taking action themselves.

They have a simple message: Ordinary people can take action and fight these corporate and governmental behemoths that profit from mining and burning fossil fuels, and so can you. We need climate action (less talk, less clicktivism) now more than ever, and these British activists from Rising Tide, Plane Stupid, Climate Camp and elsewhere have led the way. They super-glue themselves to bank trading floors, blockade factories and attack coal power stations en-masse, all with “manners, courage and humor.”

“Just Do It” is trying to come to the US and has an online campaign to bring the film Stateside.

Check out what you can do to make it happen here.

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  1. Molly James says:

    Wow, this film sounds awesome.

  2. Molly James says:

    This film looks amazing! I want to storm some American coal plants!

  3. The video is weird, I support RAN but I don’t understand how do you help just by creating chaos on the street. I support the people who fight for the animals and people rights. I like to take action to help animals just want to know, what way is the best one.


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