What is Earthalujah, Anyway?

Written by Annie Sartor

Topics: Profiles

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Church of EarthalujaRAN friend and ally Reverend Billy recently posted a great video explaining the Church of Earthaluja on YouTube. He describes the Church of Earthaluja and the video like this:

Well we gathered in NYC here, and started this ‘Earthalujah Church.’

Why? Well we’re agnostics or what are we — over-cultured — and something about this time in which we live, with hate-crimes against the Earth from one side and freak storms rising from the other…  And we are caught in the middle waiting for death in a different way than we used to. We love the gift of life, but haven’t had the chance to thank life for it. And then it occurs to us that nobody is really shouting EMERGENCY! down in the empty Tahrir Square with enough force.

Don’t we like it here?  The whole culture is sort of listless now.  It’s Waiting for Godot time. So if gratitude to the Earth comes in songs, and rituals and prayers… Maybe the Ear can give us more juice for that shout we all need to inhale and blow at our fellow humans. Earthalujah!

Thanks Reverend!

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