The Last Mountain

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A new must-see movie is out about the anti-mountaintop removal movement. Featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., “The Last Mountain” focuses on the issues of mountaintop removal and hard work of many people inside and outside the coalfields of Appalachia fighting to end it.

The film has gotten a lot of attention, to the point where the coal industry has created a public relations “war room” to combat it. Nice to see we’re getting under their skin.

Here’s where it’s opening and showing.

Here’s the trailer and movie poster:

The Last Mountain poster


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  1. antrim says:

    hey scott,

    Nice to see you in Blair last week.

    Where’d you hear about the “war room” to combat The Last Mountain? That’s great!!


  2. Carlos says:

    …Another failed liberal movie…that tries to pull at the the heartstrings of middle American. When the truth of the matter is those “Evil” mining corporations…keep those small towns alive. Jobs and Revenue…

  3. Carlos says:

    …just like that bullshit movie by Al Gore,that the Democratic controlled Congress tryed to pass off as real scientific fact. Man-made Global warming…it has been de-bunked over and over…by real scientists. if you beleive in Evolution…then the Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, right? I if you were to compare the existence of the planet Earth Vs. the history of mankind…we(humankind) would be less than a second in a day(24 hrs)…

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