Chevron in Ecuador: A Defining Moment (VIDEO)

Written by Mike G

Topics: Frontline Communities, Oil

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Our friends over at Amazon Watch put together this incredible video (narrated by Peter Coyote) about the historic victory scored by the Indigenous and rural Ecuadoreans suing Chevron for its massive oil contamination in the Amazon. After denying justice to the Ecuadorean plaintiffs for nearly 20 years, Chevron was finally found guilty — but the company has vowed never to pay to clean up its mess.

It’s more important than ever that we all stand up to Chevron and demand justice for the Ecaudorean plaintiffs. Please watch and share this video with everyone you can.

If you want to do even more, join the cause to “Bring 30,000 Ecuadorian voices face-to-face with Chevron to demand justice for destroying the Amazon” and consider making a donation to support the delegation of Ecuadoreans traveling to Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting on May 25th.

11 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Claudia Ruiz says:

    What happened to the “join the community” in Facebook? The link did not open! Facebook closed a number of Causes pages in UK. Is this the case now in USA?

  2. Tim Watson says:

    What can be done to pressure Chevron here in the US.

    What a shameful legacy would occur if the U.S. does nothing!



  3. Mark says:

    Clear video. Well, at this moment in time I can see only two possibilities to end matters like this one.
    -We build up a strong network (fast) together with the UN and we declare all remaining forests (yes,about all that’s left)to be left alone and gather an army to protect, monitor it also so it doesnt happen anyway.
    But this would be agreed on by all those parties, countries who are often corrupt,(except a few good hearts like Morales in Bolivia), corrupt unwilling politicians from the UN,Soth america, EU, US that wil take too long/too hard..too much blabla with a big chance it will never happen.

    Only option left is true resistance and organisation in one big network by all the willing,locals, indigenous people, action groups etc.For this case, for the Belo Monte Dam’s case (not green energy)in Brazil, the use of timber and the list goes on. This means organizing big crowds of local people that make working in these areas impossible for those who dont help and listen to the people.If rightful demands are nor being taken seriously action follows.That will lead to guerilla warfare at those places where the greedy will not give in (to normal and resonable demands and limitation)..but so it must be then. Look at the middle east..people gotta stand up, block their roads, squares till they give up and truly change or even leave forever. Peace, wealth and victory for all the people. (not yust a few)


  4. Herbert Escher says:

    After seeing the video, frying in hell seems to be too good for these people.

  5. janet herbruck says:

    Bring Chevron DOWN—destroy this company like they have destroyed the environment

  6. Maria Teresa Fiocchi says:

    violenza chiama violenza.

    As long as who has money and power makes only his interest, and destroys, people and their environment, without taking care of the others,

    Terrorism will go on.

    this is a rule without exception all over the world.

  7. Jenn Breckenridge says:

    This is such a well done video. Kudos to Amazon Watch and Peter Coyote!

  8. Mike G says:

    @Tim Watson: Spreading this video around and joining the Causes page ( to stay plugged in is a good start to help pressure Chevron here in the States. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can attend the protest at Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting as well:

    @Claudia Ruiz: The FB Causes page is here: Is that what you were looking for?

  9. Jo-Ann Harris says:

    Corporate accountability – bullshit!! They just talk the talk, but do not walk it. It’s just buzz words to these big corporations to make them look and sound important. Well Chevron (a.k.a. Texaco) the world is watching, and it’s about time you take responsibility and accountability for your actions. Your greed and lust for money has created this situation, now it’s time for you to clean up your mess. Stop acting like a spoiled child and do the right thing by these people and the environment you so blatantly destroyed!!

  10. Allan Yorkowitz says:

    How can a company go against the law of the land? Because its Ecuador, they feel they can get away with their destruction?

  11. Rashta Kruger says:

    This is an eye opener to say the least. It’s sickening to hear that any company would blatantly and deliberately cause such damage and then follow it up with a “vow” to never clean it up. The people of this earth need to bring companies like these to their knees. I will make it my mission to make sure my fellow Canadians are aware of this. Chevron is currently drilling off our east coast. Lets hope it doesnt take an “accidental spill” for Canada to take a stand.

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