Top 10 Girl Scout Cookie Facts

Written by Ashley Schaeffer

Topics: Agribusiness

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Girl Scout CookiesAs American as apple pie and just as sweet, Girl Scout cookies have been delivered to every nook and cranny of the U.S. for nearly 100 years. Here’s the 10 most fascinating Girl Scout cookie facts, including a bonus Top 10 Most Famous Girl Scouts. Enjoy.

1.    Girl Scouts in the U.S. have been fundraising with cookies since 1917.
2.    Girls Scout cookies raise approximately $714,000,000 per year.
3.    Girl Scout cookies are kosher.
4.    The best selling Girl Scout cookie year after year isThin Mints.
5.    During peak bake times, Girl Scout cookie producers Little Brownie Bakers—owned by Kellogg Company—bakes over 4.5 million Thin Mints per day.
6.    During peak Girl Scout cookie production 230,000 lbs of peanut butter, 1,050,000 lbs. of flour, and 300,000 lbs of vegetable oil shortening are used in one week.
7.    The most controversial ingredient in Girl Scout cookies is palm oil supplied by Cargill, which is connected to rainforest destruction in Indonesia.
8.    Girl Scout USA’s use of palm oil threatens endangered species such as orangutans, tigers, and elephants.
9.   About 65% of Girl Scouts participate in Girl Scout cookie sales each year.
10.  The slogan for Girl Scout cookies is: “Every cookie has a mission – to help girls do great things.”

And a special bonus Top 10…

Top 10 Most Famous Girl Scouts

Famous Girl Scouts1.    Martha Stewart
2.    Jackie Joyner-Kersee
3.    Katie Couric
4.    Dolly Parton
5.    Chita Rivera
6.    Taylor Swift
7.    Star Jones
8.    Amy Sedaris
9.    Dakota Fanning
10.  Girl Scouts USA CEO Kathy Cloninger

Varieties of Girl Scout cookies

Every cookie has a mission-to help girls do great things.

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  1. Beck says:

    Please vote for me to save orangutans & rainforests, combat unsustainable palm oil production, deforestation & climate change!

    Check out my video pitch:

    TO VOTE click on:-
    - Create a log in (click “sign up now”) or you can use your Facebook login
    -then scroll down until you find my video
    -tick the box beside my video
    -then press “Cast Vote” at the bottom of the page
    AND YOU HAVE VOTED!! Thanks heaps!

  2. David Rosenstein says:

    I love Girl Scout cookies but they would sure taste a lot better if they weren’t contributing to deforestation and extinction! The Girl Scouts need to be leaders and get the palm oil out by next cookie season!!

  3. white says:

    thanks ashaley for all you are doing to shed light on the truth about rainforest destruction and palm oil and girl scouts..heck with the message out there now..hopefully all the fringe folks that are still learning about this issue will hopefully get hip to it real quick and get the girl scouts heads of cookie baking to be changed, hence lose some sales for sure!!!

  4. Karen S says:

    I was a Brownie and Jr. Girlscout when I was growing up, and my daughter is now a Daisy. I have always held the GS program in high esteem for helping to teach girls about independence and responsibility. Along those lines, GS also shows girls that they can in fact achieve great things – just look at the former girl scouts listed in the article. At least, I’ve felt that until today.

    I am horrified that one of the most iconic things about Girl Scouts (and certainly the most widely recognized) is connected to Rainforest destruction in Indonesia. What kind of example is being set for impressionable young girls to say that rainforest destruction and animal endangerment is okay – just for the sake of cookies???

    The Girl Scouts of America needs to demonstrate the RESPONSIBLE behaviors that are promoted among the girls and do the RIGHT THING!

  5. lisa Bernhardt says:

    I am a troop leader. Girlscout organization is working on a Substitution for the palm seed oil. We

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