A Song for Tim DeChristopher

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Climate activist Tim DeChristopher faces up to 10 years in prison for placing false bids on Utah wilderness during an auction to the oil & gas industry in the final days of the Bush Administration. Tim’s bold action stalled the auction until the Obama Administration could rule the sale of the land illegal, and the land was saved. Hundreds of thousands of acres.

The Trial of Tim DeChristopher from Ian Wittenber on Vimeo.

Bethany Yarrow singing a Lakota Prayer for Tim DeChristopher

Bethany Yarrow sang this beautiful Lakota prayer for Tim during a vigil held the evening before his trial in Salt Lake City, Utah. The prayer is haunting and powerful. The images that accompany it are of people who stood in solidarity with Tim through his trial.

To support Tim DeChristopher and Peaceful Uprising, you can download the beautiful album of songs recorded that night. Pay a penny or a penny for every acre that was saved, it’s up to you.

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