BREAKING: Wisconsin Police Have Joined Protest Inside State Capitol

Written by Jenn Breckenridge

Topics: Direct Action

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Inside the Wisconsin State CapitolFrom inside the Wisconsin State Capitol, RAN ally Ryan Harvey reports:

“Hundreds of cops have just marched into the Wisconsin state capitol building to protest the anti-Union bill, to massive applause. They now join up to 600 people who are inside.”

Ryan reported on his Facebook page earlier today:

“Police have just announced to the crowds inside the occupied State Capitol of Wisconsin: ‘We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!’ Unreal.”

Ryan HarveyYou can find more updates from Ryan Harvey on Twitter @ryanharveysongs and his blog Even If Your Voice Shakes.

UPDATE: This video says it all. It makes me proud of my neighbors. “Let me tell you Mr. Walker, this is not your house, this is all our house.”

UPDATE 2-27: I’ve got to say a huge thank you to Ryan Harvey for the incredible on-the-spot reporting from inside the Wisconsin state capitol. Keep ‘em coming Ryan!

In this next video, Ryan interviews Brian Austin of the Madison Professional Police Officers Association, who is featured in the video above.

Not only are police officers on the side of labor inside the capitol, so is the chief of police. Bill Glauber reported this evening from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“The people who are in the building will be allowed to stay,” Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said Sunday night. “There will be no arrests unless people violate the law.”

Tubbs…announced the decision to let the protesters stay after he saw how they moved aside while work crews went about cleaning the Capitol, including mopping and polishing floors.

“People are very cooperative,” the police chief said. “I appreciate that.”

As this long night comes to a end, I leave you with this final piece of good news from Ryan’s Twitter feed:

“Huge news! Republican senator dale shultz has announced that he is switching sides and opposing the bill!!! 2 more to go!”

Rock on Wisconsin. Remind the politicians who have forgotten, and the corporations in denial, and any folks out there who aren’t sure their voice really counts, that the true power of these United States is with The People.

And it’s time to get used to the idea.

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  1. George says:

    I always shudder a little when people say that unions protect poor teachers. No union can protect a poor teacher if the supervisor does his/her job, e.g. provide help to improve, document progress or lack thereof, etc. Mediocre staff members are harder to deal with but isn’t that the case in every profession? You have your high producers, medium producers and low producers. The teaching profession is no different. I might add that public education has failed Governor Walker – critical thinking and ethics simply isn’t apparent in the way in which he has handled this.

    The other comment is regarding public sector unions out of sync with nonunion positions. Please get your facts straight – the union conceded what Walker requested and he turned down the very thing he said he wanted. I believe we are all aware we need to work togeher and sacrifice to help the whole. That turndown showed everyone that this is about busting unions. It is really a shame that in a time we should work together, Governor Walker has polorized WI residents into party lines and union/nonunion debates. Shame on him. Hooray for our police officers who are standing against this kind of behavior.

  2. Denise says:

    Unions do NOT protect the lazy workers but instead protect them from bullying and unfair labor practices, low wages and no benefits. How dare any of you say we are corrupt. Take a look @ Wall Street – walk ing away with million dollar bonus’. The average union worker NEVER walks away with a million dollar bonus.

  3. Chris says:

    I will have to say that I understand the fear that union members have over the unknown. It is unfortunate that unions have grown into a political party as they have though. Yes, they were a great driving force in America that helped many industries with fair wages and safe work places. However, the unions of today are bloated and out for nothing more than the money of their own members as well as to be a political “thug.” I do not take this lightly having come from a union family and many union friends. Most, not all, but most are disgusted with unions today. They see them for what they are. Please do not get me wrong, they still have relevance when dealing with “real” worker issues, but it is more of an entitlement association than what it had been created for originaly.
    On to the police officers. I am an American and will defend the rights of the protesters to protests, with a few exceptions. It must be done legally and peacefully. This means that they can not disrupt business. (This is disrupting business). Having said that,m and having been a police officer and part of the PBA… if a legal order was given to clear the protesters out AND it was an order that is not against the law… I don’t care how the officers “feel” about it. They have to do their jobs. If they refuse, they should face the same fate as the “sick” teachers and be terminated. Beyond that, they also need to have criminal charges brought against them.
    This also holds true for the democratic senators in hiding. Oaths were taken by all of these people. You can’t change the rules just because you dont like them. Vote! If you dont get what you want then put it out in the court of public opinion and vote out the people you do not like. Obviously the people of Wisconsin voted these people and Governor into office for a reason. Let them do their job, then if you dont like it, voice your opinion and vote them out. This is America and this is how it works.

  4. Snowcap says:

    Greetings from a Canadian fellow traveller in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin for waking up to the right-wing power grab. Scott Walker, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the Koch Bros. need to be trussed up in red tape and dangled from a crane in front of the Capitol while the people they have been plotting to ruin are issued rotten tomatoes so they may demonstrate their displeasure directly. Bring back tarring and feathering too. People might also consider storming every major media outlet in the country and demanding the truth be told for once. That Wall Street and corporate kleptocrats and their errand boys in DC have been conspiring to reduce the people to the status of compliant beggars. Most congressional Democrats are weak and cowardly and believe primarily in self preservation. The Republicans and the evil bastards they kneel to have no intention of playing nice. It’s time people realized that and acted accordingly.

  5. I have never belonged to a union but they are far more representative of the people than our so-called representative government who overwhelmingly do the bidding of the corporations against the will of the people. To those union bashers commenting on this story, no amount of union corruption can compare to the corruption that sustains our corporate culture. You can make your ridiculous claims that unions are somehow not “the people” and that union workers are overpaid and lazy, but the intelligent people of Wisconsin and beyond see right through your propaganda blitz. It’s the corporate board member, share holders, and CEOs who are massively overpaid, and somehow do none of the work for their lions share of the profits. I agree that unions should go, but so should the corrupt system that justifies their existence.

  6. TJ says:

    To all the Republicans and haters above, turn off Fox News, stop slurping down Walker’s lies and look at the facts for just a moment.

    1. STFU about the broken budgets. The unions in Wisconsin agreed to every single monetary concession the governor asked for.
    Again: the unions agreed to every single specific monetary concession request that passed across Walker’s lips. Smaller pensions (it’s not really a case of returning public money, see #2 below, but whatever). Check. More employee health contributions? Check. Every single budget-relevant concession Walker asked for from the unions they have accepted. This proves that Walker does not in fact care about the budget but cares about busting unions. Also, all the concessions Walker is asking for amount to $30 million for this year’s deficit that he estimates at $137 million. For one, that is pocket lint for the Koch brothers, for two, that means crushing unions will not close the deficit in Wisconsin.

    2. Every credible econometric analysis shows that the overwhelming, near total, source of the current budget shortfalls are a result of plummeting revenues due to the financial collapse engineered precisely by the same fat cats who want to get their hands in the worker’s wallets because the trillions they already received in handouts are not enough for them.

    3. Every single dime paid into the pension plans exist as deferred compensation. That is to say a future benefit (pension) instead of a larger current salary. That is negotiated. By contract the contributions are deduced from the employee’s salary and managed on a more efficient basis as a pooled pension resource. Do some research and turn off Fox News. Let me say it again: The taxpayers do not contribute one dime to the pensions. The caveat is except when the financial collapse blows a hole in the pension asset values but that is not a result of any decision by the workers or the pension contribution structure, and even then, are not public employees also tax payers?

    4. Controlling for education, public sector workers on average makes less than private sector workers. So until you decide that despite your education and experience you should make less money, shut your pie holes. Your argument is that more educated and experienced people should make as much or less than less educated and experienced people. Is that really the argument you want to make? Again: Controlling for education levels public sector workers on average makes less than private sector workers. That is a cold hard fact. Deal with it. One reason is that they chose to defer larger incomes now so some of their income could be applied for future use in the form of a pension.

    5. The sums in question are vanishingly small in relation to the massive tax cuts GOPers have engineered (with an assist from some Democrats) which generally dwarf the size of the budget gaps. That is not the case in every state but it true in many states experiencing a budget shortfall. For instance, here in Michigan, Gov. Snyder is trying to be Walker-lite in crushing unions, again appealing to a budget gap but apparently there is enough money for him to propose $1.8 billion in tax cuts for corporations. Walker rammed through massive tax cuts that take effect in the next budget but if he was really serious about the deficit, if he was serious in the way he say he is, he would not have made his first priority opening a future budget chasm that dwarfs the one is now whines about.

    6. Parts of Walker’s budget are not really about the budget at all, at least directly. Go ahead and defend no-bid sales of state assets on the sole authority of the governor and deemed by legislative fiat as in the “public interest” regardless what they are sold for. Go ahead, defend non-transparent, no-bid, not competition sales and tell us how that will help raise revenue for the state, at least in relation to open bid, transparent sales. What about the part that allows the governor to unilaterally set new Medicaid payments levels. What about democracy or did you forget about that little revolutionary thing we had a couple of centuries ago. You want a king? Move to Saudi Arabia.

    7. But despite all the foregoing, thanks for the out I will use the next time my budget is tight. Rent and utilities? Sorry those contracts are no longer valid because, well, because my money is tight. If you have any questions Mr. Bill Collector, why don’t you ring up Gov. Walker for an explanation.

  7. Eve D says:

    This is sooo wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes.

  8. Ralph says:

    For heavens sake people… quit your complaining and go join the military. You will then learn what long hours really are as well as how to survive on meager salaries. Why don’t you vote them a raise instead of both the union and you padding your own pockets.

  9. John Evans says:

    Civics 101: When hundreds of thousands protested Obamacare it didn’t matter because the Democrats in majority of Congress voted for it, as was their right. However, the voters then had the right to vote against Democrats, which they did overwhelmingly in Oct 2010. Now we see Wis legislatures voting the will of their constitutents, the voters who elected them. For too long, union dues went into the coffers of Democrat candidates and then those Dem legislatures handed generous benefits to the public employees. The voters were fed up with the overspending and elected conservative canditates. Well, it may be too late for Wis because the huge deficts created by the Dems may have tipped it too far out of balance. We’ll see if the GOP legislature can turn around the budget in time. Calif is too far down that road; Gov Christie is trying to change NJ’s paradigm.

  10. Kirby says:

    Jenn Breckenridge, stay out of Texas. You won’t be welcome.

  11. Nicholas says:

    Hey Chris, how much are you being paid for that beautifully written anti-union arcticle there? Toublemaker is what you are, planted and paid for. Top 10 disatrous policies from the Wisconsin GOP you HAVEN’T heard about.

  12. Michael the Wobbly says:

    Chris’s post above is a line being heard everywhere lately, whether it is callers to progressive talk shows, or posters to blog sites like this one. Someone posts, says they are ex-union, or from a union family. Then, having established their bona fides, starts in trashing the unions, and hauls out all the old anti-union republican talking points. Bloated, thugs, entitlement societies. It is a coordinated effort by the right and Chris: you and your fellow laborers in the vineyard of public opinion are doing an enormous disservice; even if you are genuine, you are playing the ruler’s game. Better wake up. The Right, the Republicans, the ruthless rulers of our sad dream-broken country, HATE the unions, and like the despicable beasts they are, will wave the bloody shirt endlessly trying to discredit the only powerful voice the people have left. Pat yourself on the back, Chris, for furthering the great work of taking away the few remaining rights of the people and making ever more solid, the rule of the people like the Koch’s. Good job, Chris.

  13. Teena W says:

    Thank you TJ and Johnny:
    Well said.

  14. erich says:

    lol this is so untrue, the are and will kick out the protesters, they said thy would be patient

  15. JPernot says:

    To TJ: Well done. Very well done.

  16. Bill says:

    This is way too great of show, boy are Americans ever dumb….their days of entitlements lifestyle are gone, man up guys, your no longer on the podium!!!!….bullies are always the worst loser’s in the playground…

  17. Ronald Kellum says:

    To be honest with you, this really is starting to look more like the middle east and the more they make ass’s out of them self’s the less it will affect any thing. I am going to say this and think about it. I am from Illinois and what is going on in Wisconsin really is a joke now.

  18. Neuharth says:

    If we look back in history, before labor unions were formed in the USA there were no set work hours or job security. There was no OSHA to protect workers from undue hazards and no way to negotiate for better pay or benefits which ensure retirement. Without unionization big business would hire the person that would work for the least and would work them almost to death, then fire them to hire a new wage slave. The value of the unions lays in the professional people that join them. Unions require their members to be trained and qualified in their positions and work to advance their skills. They also provide a fraternity of combined knowledge on which these members can rely.

    Anyone who believes the rallies in Wisconsin are simply over money is quite mistaken. These union people, cops, firemen, teachers, nurses, trades people are worried about losing the gains working people have made. Without a union organization in a capitalist society every worker becomes disposable, how can any worker plan a future without job security?

    Say NO to union busters!

  19. IIJONES says:

    Anyone who thinks unions are not ‘political’ is illiterate. THIS is a democracy…and people in this country are supposed to join things and vote in their own best interests. UNIONS ARE THE LAST BEST HOPE …THE VIABLE ‘THIRD’ PARTY WE’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR….FOR THE ‘REST OF US!’

  20. Cheryll Nelson says:


    My deepest sympathies go out to you. To be as old as you are and not understand the American tradition and to bond psychologically with the very people who mean you harm and wish to enslave your children and grandchildren and their offspring.

    There is nothing different between this struggle and the one our colonists fought against English rule and domination. The wealthy taking more than their due from the very people WHO ARE ACTUALLY WORKING!

    You are suffering from Stockholme Syndrom. Don’t worry there is treatment. Hopefully your health benefits won’t be so stripped down from the very people who harmed you that you cannot afford treatment.

    The first step is admitting there is a problem. Just do it before you cannot afford help.

  21. Michael the Wobbly says:

    Good historical grounding is necessary for understanding the present. We have been in this fix before actually. The Republican party started out as a melange of groups united not so much with a political philosophy as by a shared goal, the elimination of slavery as a nationally sanctioned institution. Allying with them, once hostilities started with the Bourbon aristocracy of the South, were the commercial and financial powers of the North. When the war had been won, Johnson unsuccessfully impeached, Grant in power, and the congressional reconstruction of the South in full swing, the Republican party found itself in a unique dilemma: never having had a political philosophy, but only a goal and that goal achieved, what was their continued purpose? THEY NEVER CAME UP WITH ONE. This is the salient fact of that party we must understand. The abolitionist/idealists who had founded the party: men like Sumner, Julian, Fessenden, Welles, were all literally run out of the party by 1876. What replaced the Republican idealists? Spoilsmen and powerbrokers like Morton, Conkling, Blaine, and so forth and so on. This was the new face of the party, allied with the same wartime commercial and financial powers, having no purpose for existence save continued existence. Meanwhile the Democracy having lost its soul by sectionalism spent long years in exile trying to find its way as well. One could say the latter didn’t begin to find itself until the advent of Bryanism and reached its maturity in the New Deal. But it too currently has began to resemble the Democracy of the 1880s, not so much a party as a collective of political operators joined in common purpose with the financial/commercial sector. So all of us who were born in the forties and fifties and indoctrinated in the view of America taught then, must reorient -for that view is now defunct; it pictures no reality.

  22. ted says:

    the private sector is behind this. in ny state cumo is backed by big business so is this gov. koch is behind this. they want to privatize state jobs in order to do this they have to get rid of the unions. they want to privatize govt jobs in order to hire cheap workforce and it will be terrible serivce. they support illegal immigrants and refugess so they can have a cheaper work force by paying them 5 bucks an hour. they are pitting class against class and telling lies about unions. yes we do pay in our pensions yes we pay our health care and yes we do give a damn yu wont find that in the private sector. you want unqualified non english speaking people taking care of your water supply?? unregulated by govt standards?? the whole world is big business big brother is here and our politicans are being bought out. the unions and workers are not the problems the handing out of monies to foreign aids and refugee programs are.

  23. Dan Lewis says:

    I’m just echoing, in simplified terms, what has already been said – that the financial problems the various states are currently dealing with have NOTHING to do with the unions.
    The problems DO have to do with the massive financial crash we’re now struggling to survive. Remember the housing mortgage screw up?
    Remember the massive Wall Street bailout from gambling with the People’s money?
    Remember GW Bush? Remember Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Instead of tightening its belt in so many other areas, Wisconsin is trying to zap the unions because the corporate masters want it so. Wisconsin’s so-called Governor, Scotty Walker, is but a servant of the corporations and does what they tell him to. That’s gotta change, people.
    We need to take back the control of our governments from the dirty dealing corporations! This is imperative and critical!
    Many of our political representatives are owned by the corporations. That MUST stop! If you want an America is remotely like the good one we once had or envisioned, we absolutely must cut the ties between the corporations and our politicians, judges, offices of state, etc!
    We’re not going in the right direction until we do. Simple as that.
    The corporations are important, yes, but The People come first, Always!

  24. Rich Lukas says:

    Even in Ny and I work here is more than 50% of last years salary pensionable.100 % is a wrong figure.You are as informed as Mayor Bloomberg..Do more research before you speak..

  25. GFCedillo says:

    WOW! Mi Casa es Su Casa, Mr. Walker. You were punked again, Mr. Walker. It is time to give it up. How and you boot a person out of his own home?

  26. rich lukas says:

    I have to agree with Johnny Wood .weather you like unions or not they are a small part of a much bigger problem..Scapegoats for a goverment to large and too friendly to big business..

  27. Casey says:

    Unions aren’t the enemy. Private business tax payers are not the enemy. The bankers are the ones who have created this debt, and they will slip out the side exit and watch while we attack eachother, never addressing the root cause of the issue – easy credit and dishonest banking (research the leveraging aspects of the housing bubble). Union and non-union workers need to unite, not be divided and conquered as factions fighting for the scraps the bankers have left us.

  28. Cotizenx says:

    Pigs are still pigs

  29. Sean says:

    “Police have just announced to the crowds inside the occupied State Capitol of Wisconsin: ‘We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!’ Unreal.”

    Well, that’s it. When the law enforcement officers abandon that role and decide to openly support disorder due to an issue of money, there are two alternatives left for hard-working private-sector tax-paying residents of Wisconsin: one, be prepared to do whatever’s necessary to take back their state from the rogue elements who wish to bankrupt and dominate them, or abandon the state to them and let them eat their own in short order, as they surely will.

  30. Longjohn119 says:

    Hey Chris, take your Boilerplate GOP Bullshit over to Free(k) Republic(ans) or somewhere LIES are more tolerated ….

    At the very least come up with something original, you Reagan Era crap is way played out …..

  31. Gretchen says:

    The union bashing we are seeing played out in several states is a diversion from the real enemy…the banks and Wall Street. The real bailout by the federal reserve was three trillion to the banks. Do not be distracted by the Wisconsin fight. It is all part of a bigger strategy by the real enemies of the working people of this nation.

  32. TruthBTold says:

    Sorry to those who disagree with Chris above, and distrust his actually being a cop in the union. Truth is, he has shown me, and I being a former cop and member of the union and a private sector union. TJ, your facts are screwed up. The unions only agreed to the 2 concessions because they know that with the majority totally against them, and possible public backlash, that it was a no-brainer to look good and say they agree to the givebacks. And, there the collective bargaining part is very much a fiscal situation. Of all the facts which the govenor and many have shown it to be, because the contracts of the other local govt. entities can save much by having this tool. Check your facts with sources other than liberal sites and news sources. Also, the info you have on retirement bennies is wrong. I also had deffered comp, and it is not the retirement system, but something that each employee is able to use to supplement their retirement. Please look here for retirement bennies. especially section 13. My fiancee retired after being a cop, and she gets a retirement check. I am not sure how it works for all departments or union employees in this state, but I feel deferred comp is the same for all, a separate way to defer some pretax dollars towards retirement. I may agree with you on being suspicious when some of the things proposed do not seem to have enough checks and balances. I too wish for less govt. control and more things to be in the hands of the voters.
    It seems many ppl want to forget that we live in a Republic, and so, they are now mad when the voters chose who we did for the reasons they campaigned on. Sour grapes is no reason to try to derail what is the function of the govt for the ppl, by having 14 elected officials refuse to do the job they are required to do under the oath the swore to, and are paid to perform. They said it was to debate and have the ppl voice their opinion, well 14 days of that has happened, and so is that enough? Facts are, that we have those deficits, that the previous Democrat governor and legislators did get us into it, and there are few choices at all to rectify it without these actions, quickly. And for the thought that the Koch Bros little contribution has anything to do with it, than why does the $27.5 million dollars given by the unions to stae Dems, not have something to do with it. That was what was given in the last election alone. Buying some influence of elected officials who do the contracts with the unions, seems a bit wrong to me. Think of that, the unions give tons of money, have many lobbyists and they then go to the ppl they paid, to get contracts negotiated?? And private donors affect the public sectors unions how?
    Law enforcement is not up for opinion or feelings. Laws must be obeyed and enforced. What part of that is incorrect? Fire codes and building codes need to be enforced. Safety issues regarding them should not be ignored. Or do you wish to see some sort of calamity in the Capitol bldg, god forbid if a fire broke out, or a medical emergency were to happen with ppl blocking stairwells, entrances, etc. And don’t even get me started regarding the damage or abuse of a beautiful bldg. Or the fact that some ppl disrespected the Memorial for the Fallen Vets, by posting trashy posters on it. I forget where I saw it, but think it was Badger Blogger that had it on video.

  33. TruthBTold says:

    I believe I forgot to mention also, that there are like 26 states which have very limited or no collective bargaining at all with their union employees. Wisconsin has great civil service rules and rights which afford good protection for workers. And there are actually two states which actually forbid by law collective bargaining. And let us not forget that the federal govt. has very very little collective bargaining at all. Actually, when the govenors budget bill becomes law, WI will actually afford more collective bargaining rights than the fed empl;oyees have. Let me see, Obama had a Democratatic majority for 2 yrs, and did not change this. He also tried to implement wage cuts or freezes if I remember right, and yet there is only an uproar and protesting being done when a Republican governor tries to enact commonsense bills like this to get out from being totally bankrupt? Where are the massive protests and sickouts in the DC area?

  34. Andre says:

    Sweet this gives me a lot of hope.

    March 20th in Washington people. Look it up!!!

  35. Kyle says:

    I’d love to know how this is a civil rights issue.
    Let me get this straight – I pay taxes to the state…which goes to pay state workers…who are part of a union of state workers…a union that can lobby for more of my tax dollars to be given to the workers…to give the union more money.
    And if they don’t get what they want, they can stop teaching, stop policing, some picking up trash…they can just stop working until I pay them more of my tax dollars?
    Government and public service unions need to stop this dramatization of their plight – they aren’t mine workers, they aren’t children in Vietnam being beaten. You aren’t a real union, you are bunch of people who will damn the ship and run it aground before tightening your belts. It’s disgusting – teachers with fake sick notices, police refusing to enforce the law.
    You make more than most private sector employees, and they aren’t paid by funds taken forcibly from their neighbors!!!!
    Go tell the person down the street who started a business and lost it that you have a tough time, living on public funds complaining about paying for anything. Do you know what teachers make in Georgia? $35,000.
    And what is doubly disgusting is that Federal funds are used to pay your education system – so not only do you spit in the eye of your state, you spit in the eye of every US tax payer who has had one cent of their dollars end up your school systems.
    Good job to the governor for busting the public service unions…may the squeakiest wheel break.

  36. Ray Setzer says:

    —”left for hard-working private-sector tax-paying residents of Wisconsin: one, be prepared to do whatever’s necessary to take back their state from the rogue elements who wish to bankrupt and dominate them, or abandon the state to them and let them eat their own in short order, as they surely will.”

    This sounds a lot like some recent speeches made by Gaddafi!

    How much hard working Wisconsin Tax are Koch industries paying. Imagine its a whooooooole lot less than what they pay for television ads.

    I’ve always felt the one major moderate failing is their darn tendency to consider that issues have more than one side. So much easier to be a knee jerk conservative and to never have to say anything other than – “I’m right, I’m absolutely right, I was right all along.”

    My challenge to every right wonk is to put up or shut up. List three government provided services, and they MUST be services that specifically benefit you, that you will either give up, or accept reductions on.

    Let me start you off. Trash collection has been subcontracted out. Cut back collection to three times a month. Pocket the savings.

  37. xpoliceofficer says:

    I hope they fire everyone of these cops. Hire people that will obey their orders. They where given a direct order and they refused. Well,that is grounds for being fired right on the spot. There are police officers that are out of work in other states that would love to go back to work.
    AS for those SEIU Unionist’s, fire their sorry asses as well.
    What don’t they understand about 3.6 billion debt? Listen up folks, They can’t continue paying 100% of your union benefits, get it? If not, go find another job.

  38. Mike G says:

    @Kirby, I’m from Texas too. Jenn is welcome to stay at my house. Us Texans are known for our hospitality, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  39. Jenn Breckenridge says:

    Aw, Mike G, thanks so much. I was really hoping to have a warm welcome from Texans when I go to SXSWi next week.

  40. Jenn Breckenridge says:

    @xpoliceofficer Question: Should a police officer follow orders, even if those orders go against his/her morals?

  41. JLB says:

    @ Jenn Breckenridge says:
    February 28, 2011 at 11:40 am

    @xpoliceofficer Question: Should a police officer follow orders, even if those orders go against his/her morals?

    youre WHOLE JOB….. is to follow the law…. THAT IS YOU WHOLE JOB!


    if you cant do that… you dont need to be a cop.


  42. Jenn Breckenridge says:

    @xpoliceofficer I’m not sure I understand you. What law did the police officers break?

  43. Rebecca S says:

    So if Walker is going to exempt the police and firefighters, perhaps THEY should go on strike until Walker comes to his senses?? Wouldn’t that send a message??

  44. Michael the Wobbly says:

    From 1870 all the way to 1934, the unions (that is to say the groups of employed people in one industry or another) were like a man in a ring against a tag-team.

    The corporations had their own private armies and hired mercenaries to literally shoot striking workers. And if that were not enough, the state and federal governments INVARIABLY sent their armed forces in to help the corporations. So the people more often than not were fighting both private power and the government. It was a wonder, the courage of our ancestors!

    So to the police in Madison. Historically the police have been used against strikers, against lawful assemblies of the people when such assemblies became “dangerous” -not to public order, but to public opinion, or business profits. That is their hidden role. We don’t see it often, but when it emerges it is very ugly indeed.

    Pray we don’t see it in Wisconsin.

  45. Lisa Dahling says:

    NOT TRUE -You can’t change the rules just because you dont like them. – That is precisely what we MUST do. That is democracy in action.

  46. Robin says:

    Let’s hope that people remember what these Republicans are trying to do and have done and vote them out on their rear ends at the next election. I hope that every Democratic party official realizes that they need to support the unions and energize the base rather than finding the middle ground which is just letting the right wing chip away and move the argument further to the right. Compromise is good with people who work in good faith. Scott Walker has shown that he is not a man of good faith and any Republican who supports him is not a person of good faith.

  47. I’m inside of the Capitol in Madison as well. See my blog at Thank you!

  48. Lorie Mcdonald says:

    I know we are all suffering, some believe more than others, because they are middle class or above it. I’m in the absolute poor category. Care giving to a very sick young man. We don’t get anything but social security. That’s a whopping 673.00 a month. I want you all to kindly take one moment of your financial woes and try to even fathom the idea of living off of that kind of money. One should never leave family behind. Honestly, I never will.

    It takes some kind of compassion and patience to do this. Let me remind everyone, that when it comes to teachers,they have the same qualities. Making 3.00 an hour? Regardless if they get summers off or not. Honestly, stop telling everyone to chose a different career if they don’t like not having unions. Seriously? Who’s going to teach your children then?

    Let’s talk about medicare. My son’s health care. I have none. The state doesn’t allow health care for me anymore. Which is fine. Even I am happy to make some kind of sacrifice for our state. What kind of sacrifice are you going to make?

    What I will say is, this is truth. This is real. We have to do something. Do you know the state was willing to pay for a nurse to come into my house so I could work? Great idea right? Awesome. I’ll do that. However, they were willing to pay a nurse 14-17 dollars an hour. They could pay me 6. Where’s that saving your tax dollars? The state is no longer willing to do that and I never took advantage of the offer because, of the fact that my son was having well over 100 seizures a day.

    I’m all for welfare reform. Trust me in that, I really am. Too many people are still sitting at home when they can work. Call me judgmental but that’s the truth. Many women are still at home, doing nothing and getting food stamps when they could be working. Nothing holding them back at all besides their own comfort zone that they enjoy. Where is that in the bill?

    Maybe a dose of reality is what everyone needs right now. Stop fighting with each other. The middle class is the highest population and we don’t need to be angry at each other for views or outlooks we need to support each other!

    Seriously. Enough. Accept others, and for the love of god and all that is holy, do what is right. I’ve sat home for over ten years doing the right thing and will continue until my son has a group home open up. Then I’m off to college, trying to make up for a 401k that I never had a chance to build up and be a tax payer.

    Where do you stand?

  49. finserra says:

    Heard this from a friend recently:

    A unionized public employee, a Tea Partier, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table sits a plate of a dozen cookies. The CEO reaches across, takes 11 cookies, looks at the tea partier and says,”Look out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie.”

  50. Ethan says:

    Unfortunately, with the way things are going all across the country, these policemen and women will be (pardon the language) thrown on their asses for criticizing the governor, just like PJ Crowley got thrown on his for criticizing the treatment of Private Bradley Manning.

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