Internet to Chase: Stop Destroying the Mountains

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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JP Morgan Chase is the biggest U.S. financier of mountaintop removal.

They have financial relationships with the poster child of mountaintop removal, Massey Energy. That means their money is funds sludge impoundments like Brushy Fork which is currently holding 7 billion gallons of coal waste above the Coal River Valley. Their money funds the dragline that 14 of my friends shut down in Twilight last June that scrapes away house size chunks of earth after the mountain has been blasted. Their money funds the security guards and noise machines that harassed and abused 3 tree-sitters last month defending Coal River Mountain with non-violent direct action. Their money funds Don Blankenship’s helicopters, mansion and corrupt junkets to Spain with WV Supreme Court Justices .

Chase has hired PR firms to re-brand themselves on the internet as “charitable” and “benevolent” through their “Chase Community Giving sites and Facebook Fan Pages (even though they disallowed “political” groups from participating in any fundraising). Chase touts themselves as a green environmentally friendly bank. Their greenwashing, social media branding and high powered PR firms can’t hide the truth about what Chase really does. They are complicit in destroying Appalachia’s mountains, poisoning it’s communities with dirty water and ruining it’s economy by creating conditions that lead to the worst poverty in the country.
Today, we’re exposing that truth using tools on the internet that will concentrate tens of thousands of people on Chase brand they’ve spent so much money perfecting.

It’s time we amp up the pressure on Chase and take their money out of the coal industry.

Please join us for a social media day of action. We are using our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs to hold JP Morgan Chase accountable for financing this despicable practice. Follow this link to take social media action and tell JP Morgan Chase to stop destroying Appalachia’s mountains.

Some ways to take action:

1.Update your facebook status with this message: “Chase is bankrolling the destruction of American mountains for coal. End mountaintop removal and PUT CHASE ON THE RUN. Take action today at
2. Upload this Chase brand jam image to your Facebook picture (image to the left)”
3. Brand jam Chase’s Facebook page “Chase Community Giving.” (follow this link)
4. .Tweet this message: #Chase is bankrolling the destruction of American mountains. Take action at #coal #mtr #RAN Please RT.
5. Upload the Chase brand jam image to Flickr (image to the left)
6.Blog the social media day of action

37 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Thomas Milcarek says:

    Invest in Green power not mountain top removal Please…

  2. joe and mary volpe says:

    It is disgusting to see beautiful natural resources raped for financial gain. Stop this mountain top mining activity.

  3. Donna Mccoy says:

    Stop destroying everything for everyone solely for your financial gain. May your God let you know just how wrong you are.

  4. Sandy Gilbert says:

    Stop killing out Children and Grandchildren’s EARTH for the sake of GREED!!!!!!

  5. Rosemary says:

    Stop poisoning our environment.
    I have cancelled all my credit cards with you.

  6. Sandy Gilbert says:

    Stop killing OUR Children and Grandchildren’s EARTH for your GREED!!!!

  7. John Feissel says:

    We have no right to destroy habitats and communities, regardless of the reason or purpose. Please be respectful and stop contributing to the destruction of these mountains so that they and all who live along side them may exist peacefully and healthfully.

  8. Mountains are not trees,you can’t grow new ones after the long standing majestic ones have been blown apart.Our “Purple Mountain Majesty” is being ravaged and raped for profits. Profits will not be of any use after our Earth is unfit to live on. Chase execs need to take a good look into their children’s eyes and tell them why,Why they participated in the funding of such destructive practices.

  9. C Moschopoulos says:

    Please stop mountaintop removal. It destroys the environment around it!

  10. Barbara Nicholson says:

    Please respect your and our great grandchildren and their children and stop the destruction of our precious planet earth!

  11. Bill Samuel says:

    I went to and it was not clear to me how to take action. This is a good idea, but poor implementation.

  12. Patrick says:

    Chase – please stop funding the destruction of our environment!

  13. Edi Jenkins says:

    To ask for fair play and conscience from the banks in this country seems like a moot endeavor, but I am asking anyway.

  14. nickki hearn says:

    If you’re suppose to be so smart,why are you destoring the mountains. When the mountains are gone, WHAT NEXT! The rivers?

  15. Robin says:

    Please stop funding the destruction of natural resources. Mountain top removal destroys more than the mountain! It destroys habitat and communities.

  16. Nancy Lyles says:

    Dear huge moneyholder Chase–You must stop funding mountaintop-removal mining. Use your immense power to support life please. The bottom line is our health and survival as a species and that of all the plants and animals. A bottom line you may savvy more quickly is that you will lose more and more customers and investors as people wake up to your destructive use of their money. I left a year ago and I have convinced many more to leave. You know what to do if you want us back…

  17. Do you care that you are destroying the EARTH and contaminating rivers and streams to say nothing of the loss of clean drinking water?After you kill the EARTH and its people, you won’t have any customers or reasons to use coal because you have created a barren wasteland.Is that the kind of gift you want to leave your children and grandchildren? Please stop funding this destructive practice. Do what’s right!

  18. Herbert Escher says:

    For me, as a european it is near unbeliefable that some people are allowed to destroy and poison their own country for $$$ !
    It’s a shame to say the least.

  19. Lynn Anderson says:

    It is not necessary for this destructive practice in mining, and it must stop. We cannot afford to be ruining the environment for the sake of removing coal, which we really need to switch away from anyway. The scars on the earth will be there for thousands of years, just so some people can make a few more dollars.

  20. Shawn Sargent says:

    This horrible practice destroys; whole communities, ecosystems, and devastates tourism opportunities in places like Appalacia. By making these quick un-ethical profits, from coal mining, you are cutting out profits that could be realized in the long term, which will definately effect the future of your company. Remember, what you reap is what you sow!

  21. Teresa S. says:

    Please stop your funding of the destruction of our invironment,and also,STOP BEING SO doggone GREEDY!!!Future generations will have nothing to enjoy if you keep poisoning our mountains and rivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Beth Barth says:

    How can this be happening still? We need a world for our children and grandchildren. How will they breathe? Where will they play? Where will they live?
    The results of such practices are horrible to contemplate.

  23. Val Brumby says:

    Your actions destroy entire ecosystems, all the living things who depend upon the environment for survival are devastated~ all in the name of profit. You could show the world that just because you are a huge corporation that you still can have moral and ethical values and STILL make money. Please stop being so greedy at the expense of the planet and all things that depend on it. You too will eventually be effected by it ~ Once you destroy the environment you cannot buy another one.

  24. Sara Young says:

    WV had the Buffalo Creek disaster years ago in which a slurry pond broke and killed thousands. They said prior to this, it would Never happen, but it did!
    Chase is practicing the most devastating coal mining extraction ever conceived. Regardless of what coal companies say, these historic mountains are blown to bits, head waters are buried, clean drinking water is affected, wells are contaminated as well as all the streams and the people living in the area that are forever exposed to the damages. Greed for the Almighty dollar is behind JP Morgan Chase, for if they could SEE these majestic moutains prior to their destruction, they certainly would end their funding of such devastation. Would they want to blast the Grand Canyon, the California Redforests, the Yellowstone Park etc. Please STOP this dispicable, dangerous, and destructive practice for coal.

  25. Elaina Valzania says:

    Stop stripping this earth for big profit. WE will no longer do business with you or support your endeavors in any way.


    Elaina Valzania

  26. Try outright stealing for a change. I mean, what else would you call what you’re doing now?

  27. Kim Deacon says:

    I spent much of my childhood in coal mining parts of Appalachia. I know the poverty and hardscrabble living there. And I sure would rather live in poverty and be able to take a walk along a pure mountain stream, than maybe have a job for a year or two and them walk on barren culm banks for the rest of my life. MTR is an unimaginably destructive practice.

  28. Charlie Berger says:

    You blow mountain tops away, for what? Surely, nothing that lasts, which is why is not just one mountain, but one after another. I am “blown away” by even thinking about this. Please, consider taking a walk outdoors, letting your buzzing settle, and connecting with your true self. Please, realize the insanity of what you are doing.

  29. Debbie & Glenn Carson says:

    Chase, businesses can be environmental and successful at the same time. Please become a green company.

  30. James KOSS, MDS FAAEM says:

    I worked in coal mining areas. I’ve seen the destruction. Your profits can never put the Earth back together again. Like Humpty Dumpty you broke it and someone will have to pay. It should be you.

  31. George Frame says:

    The destructive effects of mountain-top removal extend far beyond the site. The entire watershed and connecting waterways are degraded by the toxic runoff. The long-term costs to the economy, ecology, and public health far exceed any short-term gains.

  32. Dave Troy says:

    Haven’t we done enough destruction to the world in the name of ‘progress’? Chase: Please stop bankrolling companies that are destroying our world. How about putting the money into ‘green’ projects?

  33. Carolyn Riddle says:

    The practice of mountaintop removal is abhorrent and should never have been allowed. The people of the Appalachians are victims of your greed. God has made the world beautiful, and given us a wonderful planet on which to live. Your mining practices are destroying not only the mountains and watersheds, but the health of the people. I only hope that you are not only stopped, but charged for restoration.

  34. Najma Fichthorn says:

    When your greedy love of money ceases to exceed your sanity and your ability to appreciate natural splendor of our Mother Earth, the incredible majesty of our mountains-and when you are able to understand the symbiotically integral workings of entire eco-systems and CARE, there will be hope for future generations and peace on earth. Quit bankrolling destruction and extinction. Invest in Green Science and earth-friendly technology. PLEASE.

  35. Charlie Lammers says:

    Why don’t you finance something truly beneficial to this planet like green energy. It would benefit the entire world. Are the decision makers at Chase totally unable to think beyond the profit motive and see the value in doing something that will insure there will still be a world worth living in in the future?

  36. Al says:

    You people are all wasting your time, tree-sitting & shutting down legit business bc you love hugging trees. Get a real life, get a job, and do something productive. Later on in your lives, you’ll wish you had taken my advice, as you will find that being a dirty tree-hugging hippy doesn’t help you raise a family.

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