King Coal Sues Tree-sitters in Federal Court

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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The nine day Coal River Mountain tree-sit that ended on Friday has entered a new phase. Mining giant Massey Energy has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in federal court and sued five activists that were part of the action for $75,000 in damages. Ken Ward from the WV Gazette posted the order by Judge Irene Berger.

Eric Blevins stopping MTR on Coal River Mountain

For the past year, Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice activists have utilized direct action tactics on Massey and other mining company property to stop the destruction of Appalachia’s mountains. Massey has frequently responded to actions in court seeking financial damages and with restraining orders.

Activists will most likely be undeterred by Massey’s legal actions.

Please donate to support the ongoing legal battles.

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  1. Dan Frisby says:

    We believe Massey Energy should STOP REMOVING MOUNTAIN-TOPS FOR COAL IN WEST VIRGINIA! The state suffers, the landscapes suffer, the environment suffers and families in W Virginia suffer from MOUNTAIN-TOP REMOVAL! Massey Energy is destroying the lives of communities and people they allege to serve-can’t have it both ways-MOUNTAIN-TOP REMOVALS DESTROYS ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNITIES & LIVES!

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