Who cares about the rainforests?

Written by Margaret

Topics: Climate

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And really, why should you?

Forests are an integral part of the climate change fight. The destruction of forests around the world accounts for 20 percent of global greenhouse gases.

Saving the rainforest requires the same system changes that stopping fossil fuels does – a new greener world based on sustainability, not consumption.

We do care about the rainforests. And we hope that you do too.

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  1. yasuni says:

    i care. you care. we all care. all together now… i care, you care, we all care…

  2. Markus Jais says:

    Great video. I really hope that at the current climate summit in Denmark, real progress is made for the forests of this world.
    Not only to flight climate change, but also to protect biodiversity.
    All forests are important. The boreal forest, even bigger than the Amazon is also destroyed in many places. But those forests also store huge amount of CO2 and are home to many animals incl. billions of birds that breed there every year.

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