World Rainforest Week is October 12-18

Written by Debra

Topics: Agribusiness

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How will you celebrate World Rainforest Week this year?

As tropical forests around the world continue to be endangered by unsustainable logging practices, climate change and the expansion of agribusiness, now is a critically important time to stand up for rainforests! Please plan to join our celebration of the forests by taking action to support these global treasures and ensure that future generations will benefit from the clean air, biodiversity and climate control that rainforests provide.

Here are some ideas on ways to celebrate World Rainforest Week. Please let us know how you plan to celebrate in the comments below!

Hold a movie screening and discussion showing the documentary “Green”: Green tells a moving story about the corporate conversion of rainforests in Indonesia for palm oil, tropical wood and paper through the eyes of a dying orangutan. As you may already know, almost 90% of orangutan habitat has already disappeared. If current trends of deforestation continue, the orangutan will be extinct in the near future.

Green can be downloaded for free at Register your screening by contacting, and we’ll send you discussion questions and some tips for a successful movie night.

Gather petition signatures demanding that Cargill adopt and implement a global forest policy. Our petition can be downloaded at And you can find more information about Cargill’s role in rainforest destruction for palm oil plantations and download factsheets at (Please return all signed petitions to RAN!)

Be a rainforest educator: We have lesson plans and fun activity ideas for children of all ages! Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or someone with an urge to increase awareness among your friends or community members, you can help protect the rainforests with our educational materials.

Blog for the Rainforests!: Write a post about World Rainforest Week for any blogs that you’re part of (and send us the links!). Tell friends on Facebook and other social networks.

Not all rainforests are tropical: The coastal rainforests of British Columbia are one of very few temperate rainforests in the world. However, the Northern Gateway pipeline, proposed by Enbridge, is a huge threat to this ancient forest. The pipeline would carry dirty tar sands oil from Alberta to Kitimat, a little town at the end of a beautiful inlet on BC’s coast that is surrounded by spectacular old-growth rainforests. If this pipeline is built, massive oil tankers from the Western U.S. and Asia will plow through the narrow coastal inlets to load up oil in Kitimat, where an oil spill would spell catastrophe for the Great Bear Rainforest. Click here to learn more about how tar sands development is threatening Canada’s temperate rainforests.

Donate (or hold a fundraiser) to celebrate World Rainforest Week by supporting RAN’s work to protect rainforests.

Those are our ideas. What do you suggest?

Have a happy World Rainforest Week!

28 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. I suggest RAN withdraw its membership from FSC to get out of the business of greenwashing old forest logging. Censorship of this civil suggestion will not be tolerated, and will be duly noted. I hope you all are well.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Glen Barry

  2. Lee Hutchings says:

    What nature provides for us is in our own best interest. Old growth forests shoulf be left alone, and recycling is an imperitive for our survival. Global warming is enhanced by clear cutting and should be avoided altogether.

  3. Ron Zamora says:

    The rainforests, swamps & wetlands are to the earth what the kidneys & other vital organs are to the human body !! We need them & we need to protect them.

  4. Lisa K says:

    Right on Ron Z!!!!

  5. valeria says:

    we have to protect the world, DON’T DESTROY OUR HOME

  6. Yvonne Imperiale says:

    We must save the rain forests. It affects the world!

  7. Russell Beaette says:

    As tropical forests around the world continue to be endangered by unsustainable logging practices, climate change and the expansion of agribusiness, now is a critically important time to stand up for rainforests! Please plan to join our celebration of the forests by taking action to support these global treasures and ensure that future generations will benefit from the clean air, biodiversity and climate control that rainforests provide.

  8. Kathy says:

    WHY DESTROY OUR HOME,and all of us whom dwell here? THIS IS OUR HAMSTER CAGE, as well as the hamsters’! wHERE DO WE GO FROM here?

  9. jewels Stratton says:

    I agree with Ron Z. We need the rainforest to help balance our existance on earth. If you don’t protect them you are basically sentencing yourself, the earth and all the is alive to a death sentence.

  10. Beth Prudden says:

    Please help the rainforest and keep logging out of it. It is a sacred and beautiful place all rainforest’s and endangered species live in them. Beth

  11. Ondina Soler says:

    The past generations have done as they willed onto this, our Earth Planet, so far the only one of it’s kind that we know of. The Day has arrived to stop the abuse of the Earth and it’s wild life. They were created also, they have a Right to be here. God Save the Planet Earth! Amen!

  12. Tina Kenney says:

    We need the rainforest for the animals that live there.

  13. Kennedy John says:

    God gave us this earth to enjoy and live with, not exploit and destroy.

  14. Jacques K. Leccia says:

    We are the Rainforest and the Rainforest is Us. What do we need to realize that?

  15. Colleen Lobel says:

    We need to take care of the rainforest, not just for ourselves, but for all living creatures that live on it. Stop destroying it.

  16. kaye brennan says:

    Our world cannot afford any further loss of ANY of this precious and vulnerable habitat.The UK has it’s equivalent to the rainforest too – ancient woodland. Ancient woodland is an ecosystem that has lain undisturbed for centuries, it is land which has been continously wooded since at least the 1600s and can go right back to the original Wild Wood of the Ice Age! A uniquely precious habitat, it needs our protection too but is badly fragmented around the country. Unbelievably, the UK is the least wooded country in Europe, and less than 2% of our woodland is ancient woodland today because of development threats – from airports to powerlines roads to housing estates. It even has policy relating to keeping it safe but this is nearly always beaten by developers who argue an ‘economic need’ which is winning over the environment, and it is being destroyed just like the Amazon. Remember the UK’s ‘rainforests’ too…

  17. Sara Frazier says:

    We can all do our part to help slow the destruction by consuming less! Consume only what is absolutely necessary–no paper towels–use reusable cloth and be sure to launder in cold water using detergents that do not contain petroleum. You can make your own VERY easily for a penny a load! Purchase only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)certified paper products. Recycling alone is not enough! Reduce first–Reuse second–then recycle what you must consume and cannot reuse!

  18. Dianna says:

    Make a big giant PROTEST is what we need to do!!

  19. HBruce says:

    In order to protect and preserve rainforests, along with countless endangered animals, plants & habitats worldwide, don’t we first need to have a discussion about human population growth, spread and impact? For all we may now set aside large tracts of land, in an increasingly populous future world, how can we be sure they will not be reclaimed by societies & enterprises driven by economic need and corporate survival. Given such pressures and conditions, it is virtually inevitable for human populations and organizations to devolve into a culture of cheating and bad ethics. Growing human populations can only accelerate the process through which natural habitats are poisoned and destroyed by ever greater, more invasive housing projects and corporate land use. In order to prevent this dismal & tragic outcome, it will be necessary to couple any conservation strategies with massive educational campaigns designed to demonstrate the toxic result of growing populations & economies. Since this concept and approach are SO VERY UNPOPULAR, we need to face up to our denial and make this concern as current and conspicuous as universal health care–that is if we give a damn about posterity!

  20. Joan says:

    Please read those labels and don’t buy products containing palm oil! I’ve seen the damage being inflicted in Borneo, and locals think it’s okay because “every tree cut down is being replaced by another (palm oil) tree.”

  21. Tom Andres says:

    A palm oil plantation consist of essentially one species, while the rainforest it displaced has an unknown number of species, some which may be lost forever before they are ever discovered. The orangutan, being one of our closest relatives, is reason enough to save these forests. If we destroy them, we destroy ourselves. All support for clear-cutting rainforests should be switched to protecting the forests. That makes much more economic sense in the long run.

  22. Mrs. Susan K Lapp says:

    Palm Oil is Definately a NO! NO! PLEASE read Labels on anything edible that you buy & even those Skin Lotions & Oils for the skin. Because everything we do Massage into our skins is as Danderous if we do not Carefully Investigate the Product, before using it.; Due to Skin Product’s also going into our Pores as well. NO PALM OIL! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVE’S, & YOUR LOVED ONE’S!!! :)

  23. Jim Miller says:

    Since corporations and other agribusiness beneficiaries seem determined to undermine all of the progress and hard work that organizations like RAN do. I think it high time to consider drafting plans to assemble a world-wide environmental festival. Something that would include all people, regardless of socio-economic standing, political affiliation, etc. The main objective would be to show the world the devastation that clear-cutting and indiscriminate forest stewardship has caused. Educational seminars given by RAN and other environmental groups would shed light on the dire consequences, unless we act quickly. I realize this is a very, very ambitious goal to pull something like this off, but I think we need to seriously consider something of this magnitude. Leaving the fate of our forests in the hands of politico types woun’t get it done. Have a Good Day!

  24. Michelle Kraatz says:

    Without Ecology there is no Ecomony! Leave Mother Nature alone. Stop destroying her and instead respect and nurture her!

  25. JB says:

    Why is the Cargill petition something I am supposed to print out on paper and send in an envelope? Not super eco for World Rainforest Week. Could we have an electronic one?

  26. Tara says:

    To draw attention to our coastal old growth temperate rainforests on BC’s South Coast, and in light of World Rainforest Week, we are holding a rally to ask the government to protect our endangered forests. The rally will be held in Victoria, BC, Canada on October 17, 2009 where we will march to the BC provincial legislature for noon and let the government know that we want old growth rainforests protected!

  27. Issy says:

    I have to say, although our main problem is the forests being cut down and destroyed, we are really just killing ourselves. the more we go into the industrial stage of evolution, the worse the earth becomes, but unlike us, the earth can renew itself. In about a million years time,The earth will be as clean and fresh as it was a century ago, but unless we change our ways, humanity will be wiped out for good.

  28. No_limits78 says:

    All contributors are board certified. ,

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