Matilda Pilacapio, Environmental Rights Advocate from Papua New Guinea

Written by David Gilbert

Topics: Agribusiness

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Below is a video interview shot at RAN’s offices in San Francisco with Matilda Pilacapio, an environmental rights advocate from PNG who is fighting Cargill’s massive palm oil operations in her home province of Milne Bay.

Matilda weighs in on palm oil, Cargill, and the rise of the ‘carbon cowboy’ climate traders in her home of Papua New Guinea.

For more, check out a story on Matilda and her work “Palm oil developers in Papua New Guinea accused of deception in dealing with communities” over at

Matilda is currently traveling on a delegation organized by RAN to meet with Cargill management and agribusiness industry leaders in Boston and Minneapolis. A schedule of her events is HERE.

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  1. Freya Hermanson says:

    This is a travesty, destroying rainforest for palm oil production! No! We must do whatever we can to stop it! Wake up America, much of it is being produced for us. Cut back your use.

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