RAN banner at Niagara Falls: We don’t want Canada’s dirty tar sands oil (follow @ranactions for updates)

Written by Luke

Topics: Oil

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The first photos are coming back from a RAN banner drop at Niagra Falls. From our press statement:

Just one day before Prime Minister Harper’s first official visit with President Obama, three concerned citizens released a vivid 70-foot banner above the Niagara Falls; the banner is intended to call attention to Harper’s efforts to lock up the U.S. market for tar sands oil, and the threat tar sands holds for the climate. Against the dramatic Niagara Falls background, the most well recognized border between the U.S. and Canada, the banner is intended to send the message that Canadian tar sands oil threatens North America’s clean energy future.

Watch this page for updates.

UPDATE 6:14 am PDT: Here’s another photo, and a phone interview with one of the climbers (who is still hanging under the banner).

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  1. Sue Gold says:

    Dear RAN:
    Kudos to you for your banner! As a 53 year old it is comforting to know that their are young people still willing to go the extra mile to protect our planet.
    Thank you for your bravery and determination.

    Sue Gold
    Cape Canaveral, FL

  2. Christian Fossen says:

    nice banner. that would look great hanging in the middle of the peace arch.

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