Animal Rights Activists to Earth Balance: Save the Rainforests!

Written by Debra

Topics: Agribusiness

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I just got home from the Animal Rights 2009 conference in Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of meeting with activists from across the country involved in a broad a variety of important issues. At RAN’s table, we had a display that many activists found disturbing – linking the palm oil in vegan butter-substitute Earth Balance with rainforest destruction that is driving orangutans to the brink of extinction (almost 90% of orangutan habitat has already disappeared).

Earth Balance’s parent company Ventura Foods is one of Cargill’s biggest customers. And Cargill is the largest importer of rainforest-destroying palm oil into the U.S. More than 300 activists signed a petition urging Ventura Foods to stop purchasing palm oil from Cargill until that company makes a commitment to end rainforest destruction for palm oil plantations. Let’s hope Ventura Foods listens and puts some pressure on Cargill to shape up!

Check out the pictures of 100 or so of these activists sending a message to Earth Balance!

Activists at Animal Rights 2009 send a message to Earth Balance

Activists at Animal Rights 2009 send a message to Earth Balance

AR2009 099

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am a young activist. I am 8 years old and me and my sister want to save the rainforests. What can we do to help? How can I get them to stop cutting down trees? The rainforests are important because animals are becoming extinct and we get food from the rainforest.

  2. Tracy says:

    Amanda, that is so wonderful that you and your sister want to help the rainforests!

    Debra, great tie-in with the AR crowd.

  3. please do everything that you can to protect these animals, they are to precious to be destroyed.

  4. Bob Bousquet says:

    All great forests, whether tropical rainforests or temperate forests of the north or south, are the natural air conditioners of our planet. If these great forests are allowed to be destroyed, for whatever lame excuse, we will all catastrophically suffer &/or die in in mass. The money & wealth made by the greedy few will no longer matter…even to & especially them….

  5. The forest took over a century to grow and once devastated, we will never be able to replace them. It will not be there for future generation to enjoy.

  6. The forests took over a century to grow and once devastated,we will never be able to replace them. It will not be there for future generations to enjoy.

  7. rob catron says:

    cut our taxes,congress cut spending.

  8. rebecca says:

    thats rigt we will fight untill they are stoped

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