Freedom From Oil tour diary #5

Written by joshua kahn russell

Topics: Oil

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Check out episode 5 of the 10 day adventure of RAN and Substance educating and mobilizing people to stop the Tar Sands, with rock bands Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere

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  1. Paul says:

    hmm deep in thought for quite some time.. here one of many..many many, scientific studies were formed before this became the global warming crisis that we have today.. co2 causes cooling in areas of dense concentration, Water vapor traps heat more then co2.. the poles are shifting.. It is just as likely that a global cooling can occur just as much as a global warming.. think about it.. if co2 is causeing global warming.. then why does it cool off more when a volcano erupts massivly… yea theres ash that blankets the skys and blocks the sun.. that is part of it.. Is this what leads scientists to believe that co2 is directly related with a cooling effect? What happens when its just alot of co2 and not much ash or anything to block the sun? co2 and riseing water vapor density… trace particulate.. are all riseing, as long as we burn and dont filter the exhuast.. we are pumping our air full of particlate.. which definately traps heat among other downsides.. =D brain storming welcome

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