Video: James Hansen, former Congressman Ken Hechler, Darryl Hannah, Judy Bonds, Mike Brune and many others arrested at Massey mine site

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Here is one of the videos coming out from yesterday’s action.

Here is a great blog by Jeff Biggers on yesterday’s events.

Great work by the organizers and participants for making this action happen despite all the tension with Massey’s supporters on site.

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  1. Herbert Escher says:

    Big corporations don’t give a damn about people, about nature.
    It’s all about $$$. It’s a SHAME !

  2. Carole Hart says:

    It encourages me to see people getting outraged at this depraved process. Coming together aand putting themselves at risk to stop it. With typical reactions from the Authorities!It feels like a replay of the 60′s starting up. And at that time, we ended a war. And check out RAN on a new and effective way to get action.

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