Chevron Gets Reamed on 60 Minutes over It’s Toxic Legacy in Ecuador

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Oil

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As a coal finance campaigner, I often see scumbag behavior from King Coal and the banks that love them on a regular basis. But then I forget that we have the mother of all monster industries, Big Oil, that often dwarfs what these mining and utility companies are up to.


While nothing should be done to minimize the horror of mountaintop removal and new coal fired power plants, Chevron is the 3rd largest corporation on the planet, is in the homestretch of legal proceedings in Ecuador over a $27 billion lawsuit brought against them by indigenous people of the Amazon. Chevron is responsible for 18 billion gallons of toxic oil sludge left throughout an area spanning hundreds of miles of rainforest.

Last night, 60 Minutes reamed Chevron. Like really reamed them. And Chevron didn’t even mount that good a defense. In it, Chevron’s PR hack compared her mascara to communities living with Chevron’s toxic legacy.

Watch the Video Here

The arrogance of Big Oil is massive. Recently, a Chevron lobbyist remarked: “We can’t let little countries screw around with big companies.” Chevron’s powerhouse team includes former Senate majority leader Trent Lott, former Democratic senator John Breaux and Wayne Berman, a top fund-raiser for John McCain-all with access to Washington’s top decision makers.

Right now, Chevron is positioned to lose big. Despite all their money, their influence the lobbyists and their produced media.

Companies like Exxon and Chevron have bigger economies than many nation states. Yet the emergence of leftist governments in South American countries like Ecuador (amongst many others) has put them on the defensive. Ecuador’s president, Rafeal Correa, is following the trial closely with a keen eye towards foreign interference. Recently he expelled two Americans who were apparently manipulating the Ecuadorian police forces, calling them spies. (no response from the State Dept.)

Chevron’s PR hacks are battling it out with NGOs like Amazon Watch on the case as they are on the ropes unlike any oil company in history.

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  1. Eric Chipman says:

    You would think that Big Oil would listen to the buzz about environmental sensibility. Apparently they may choose not to. WHAT A PITY!

  2. Eric Chipman says:

    Earth to Big Oil/Coal: WAKE UP TO REALITY< ALREADY!

  3. william falcone says:

    According to Chevron they are not responsible for this environmental rape and pillage.
    This is not surprising as these “small countries” like Ecuador existed only for the raping of their resources by Big Oil.The resource is what matters. The indiginous folks who actually live there are,essentially, non-existent.
    Corporate responsibilty only occurs ( at least a little bit) in the U.S. IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OUR BORDERS..LOOK OUT!

  4. Stella M. Aleman de Gallardo says:

    I used to have a group “Salvam”(Save the Amazon), to work for the Ecuadorian Amazon, against Conoco, together with Judith Kimerling, ( a lawyer from USA), but it’s very difficult, and I gave up. Then I worked with Amanaka, for the Brazilian Amazon. But the corruption in these countries, and the indiference of the people of USA, who only care when the problem touch them, make very difficult to brake this barrier. The Planet is burning and many people do not know what is Global Warming. I became very skeptical about to win over these giants. Maybe we need to disapear, and leave this Planet to other people who take care more of this beautiful Planet.

  5. John Frois says:

    Chevron and other big multinational companies are nothing but a feral pest quite happily destroying other people’s lives and the planet for profits. They are like a top predator on the loose with no conscience. Governments need to get together and eradicate these pests who prey on the weak. It’s time humans start thinking about developing some collective intelligence and a respect for all life on earth.

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