44 Arrested at Duke Energy’s Headquarters

Written by joshua kahn russell

Topics: Coal, Finance

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Community members engage in civil disobedience to prevent the construction of coal fired facility.

This morning, the Cliffside Climate Action brought hundreds to Duke Energy’s headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina to protest the construction of the new Cliffside coal facility.

The latest news is that 44 community members and supporters have been arrested, sending a bold message of urgency around the need to get off coal for the health of our communities and the future of our planet.

The Cliffside Climate Action is the latest in the growing wave of civil disobedience demanding that we get our country off dirty energy and coal power. Duke Energy’s continued pursuit of construction of two coal-fired power plants stands in stark contrast to its rhetoric of environmental care.

Check out all the photos in the Charlotte Observer, the Stop Cliffside Twitter feed, and a piece in the WCNC News.

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  1. Adrian Wilson says:

    Way to go, RAN. One more great step towards shutting down King Coal.

  2. mike says:

    yeah shut off the oil , whats RAN ‘s solution to fuel the transportation needs of the country”sit around a camp fire and sing songs”?Oh yeah we cant do that because we are causing smoke to enter the ozone and buring dead wood from old trees is a crime. well do you have a solution?I have been outdoorsman all of my life I have yet to see any RAN PEOPLE cleanig up the camp grounds or trash in the forest , I see alot of protesters living in there cars in the forest protesting the logging, cutting down bug infested trees , they are the worest pollutors I have ever seen , they leeve a hug mess in the forrest where the gang up and harass loggers , hunters , campers , for “destroying the forest.”I was on a hunting trip for 2 weeks , on my vaction , I seen the same couple get out of there van through rocks at every logginging truck that passed by them on a public road, the left trash , human waste, and a old tire were the camped out . yeah they did a lot of good for the forrest and the local water shed .Every body screams “NO MORE BIG OIL, NO FORIGN OIL DEPEDACE ” do you have a new fuel source to use ?!Instead of crying about what we are using to day put you efforts into research and find a new clean fuel , if we mandate the car industrie to do it , it will never get done because it takes huges amounts of funding to invent , then produce a product.

  3. Blamminski says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Mikey. No child left behind much ?
    In case you hadn’t noticed the auto industry is finished and now owned by YOU… Yes. YOU.
    Now. After NASCAR season is over write your…ummmm…obviously Republican leaders and tell them alternative fuels are needed and wanted.
    Use Open Office to write them since it has a spell checker.

    BTW. Next time you see an idiot throwing rocks at a truck…Do us all a favor and shoot their azzes.

    Me, in the deep jungle of Costa rica

  4. robbie chatel says:

    its barbaric!!

  5. Jordan Hogan says:

    I think it’s sooooo bad man. because i love trees and i love flowers so shut up!

  6. eric lace says:


  7. Angelica Katko says:

    woah,woah,woah HOLD UP!…the 44 arrests that were made could not be anymore unconstitutional and wrong. First off the 1st ammendment-abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.– RIGHT THERE i hope and pray for the people that were arrested that day come right back out and slam those guys for disobeying the very 1st ammendment of the united states.

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