EPA Puts out a “Clarification” on Mountaintop Removal Permits

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Just to clarify the EPA is “reviewing” hundreds of mountaintop removal permits, no moratorium. The media stories that came out about were so overstated that the EPA put out another press release today.

Here’s a clip of it. Pay close attention to the bolded part. Not what we want to hear.

EPA will take a close look at other permits that have been held back because of the 4th Circuit litigation. We fully anticipate that the bulk of these pending permit applications will not raise environmental concerns.

Also interestingly enough, the Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, jetted off to D.C. yesterday and released this statement:

“I will share with them everything our state is doing to meet our
nation’s energy needs and the jobs that are dependent on this industry. I will do everything I possibly can to fight for every job in West Virginia.”

Like I blogged yesterday, it’s a long slow funeral procession for King Coal. It’s going to be uphill and we’re going to have to fight every step along the way.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hmmm…so the EPA doesn’t consider blasting the tops off of mountain ecosystems with high explosives to be something that “raises environmental concerns.” I hoped for much better from Administrator Lisa Jackson.

  2. Sounds like Lisa Jackson needs to be publicly taught environment 101 – maybe a banner hung from her office, or home?

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