Rising Tide Closes Down World’s Largest Coal Port

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Blockades organized by Rising Tide Australia have closed down the Port of Newcastle for the day. The Port of Newcastle, 100km north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast is the world’s largest coal port, transferring coal mined in the Hunter valley for export.


Over 500 protesters launched kayaks, canoes and small boats to blockade the harbor. Newcastle Port Corporation canceled all ships coming into the harbor for the day due to safety concerns.

Rising Tide spokeswoman Carly Phillips says restricting coal ship movements is a huge victory.

“We would like to show a strong message to the Government that everyday Australians are sick of politely asking for change,” she said.

“We’d like to see a just transition away from the coal industry towards a renewable energy future.”

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  1. Alex says:

    The movement for renewable energy is growing around the planet! This may be cliche, but I mean it most sincerely: “Power to the People!

  2. Deanna Ross says:

    It takes a higher awareness to stand ground against the destruction of this planet, with mountaintop removal, deforestation, obstruction of production of the clean engines that already exist and polluting the air, the seas, and now even our bodies with ingestion of genetically modified micro-organisms interbred with our food crops by Montsanto and others. Greed knows no bounds, but the human spirit in Australia was fueled by the love of something higher and Americans thank you, for your dedication steadies our hearts, too. We fight greed every day even among our leadership…as in the 8 years before our new president. We now fear the richly funded fuel, pharmaceutical, and insurance lobbying has filled his mind with counterproductive distortions as well. Thank you again for doing what could be done. We send love and appreciation.

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