Cross-Pollinating the True Meaning of Coal

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Climate

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The Beehive Collective, a Maine-based artist collective known for creating beautiful pieces of movement related visual art, are in the process of making a graphic about “The Story of Coal.” After months of research, travel, conversation, sketching, deliberating and head-scratching, the Beehive Collective began to put together a complicated visual narrative that begins with coal 360 million years ago, travels through the streams and earth right into the global crisis known as climate change.

The Story of Coal will be a tool for organizers defending coalfield communities and fighting for a sustainable future, and a way to start conversations about coal mining, energy policy, and climate change. It will tell a complex tale that includes: “Native folks’ continued resistance and survival; a viable future urban/rural relationship; the tricky dynamics between local organizers and the mobile young activists that ‘parachute in’ for short-term actions.”

It’s very inspiring and exciting to be part of a campaign and movement that the Beehive Collective is making into art.

Here are links to their Coal Graphic Blog, a link to the Coal Graphic in progress and their current tour schedule:
Coal Graphic Gallery
Coal Graphic Blog
Beehive Coal Graphic Tour Schedule (Coming to a town near you soon!)

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