Now is Our Time

Written by Robin

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Michael Brune, RAN’s Executive Director, just sent out this email asking all of us to bring our excitement and inspiration from yesterday’s election to a discussion around how we should move forward together. Take a look and use the comments to add your voice. Michael and other RAN staff will join in as the discussion grows! –Robin

Last night’s decisive victory by Barack Obama proved that a message of hope can change the world. It showed us that yes, we can end the cultural divisions that paralyse progress, and that by uniting in a common cause, we can all be agents of change.

In the words of the president-elect, now is our time.

As we embark on a new path of possibility, we must also start a dialogue about how, together, we will move forward. Today, I invite you to join that conversation.

Since the Reagan administration, RAN has served as the mosquito in the tent of corporate America, drawing attention to our planet’s most critical environmental and social issues. We have been and will remain catalysts of change, and we welcome a president who believes that with hard work and a shared vision, we can transform the world for the better.

We have an opportunity to bring about real change in the world’s mightiest corporations. But with opportunity comes responsibility, and now is the time for all of us to work together to protect our planet.

Are you ready to take this historic, grassroots movement to the next level? The question we all have to ask ourselves is how, as individuals, we can work collectively to ensure and shape the change promised by an Obama presidency.

So please, let us know what you think. Use this forum to share your excitement, and lend your voice to this important–and inspiring–discussion.

Moving forward together,

Michael Brune
Executive Director
Rainforest Action Network

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  1. marlon says:

    Oh lord, how thankfull I am that Obama has gotten the white houes, It has been a long 400 years coming, may this be the time that we as a people , not just as a country but as the human race, come together to work for a better future for the next seven generations. Ho Mitakuye Oyasin

  2. Rich Conte says:

    Thanks Michael for this forum. I believe we should take the offensive in our own country right now. I believe large scale investment in state of the art mass transit on a country-wide scale will accomplish many goals in this one massive project. I) we would be able to “rewild” critical wildlife corridors by reducing traffic and redesigning roadways to accommodate wildllife migration. 2) We would drastically reduce our energy consumption, we would no longer need to take two to three thousand pounds of car with us every time we need to get somewhere. 3) Our quality of life would increase tremendously ,we could spend our time enriching ourselves en route rather than having our precious time taken up sitting behind a steering wheel. We would no longer be held hostage by big oil.
    I will not buy the argument that this cannot be done. If we can spend ten thousand millions (10 billion) every thirty days in Iraq, We can surely redirect that money to finance real solutions that we Americans actually want!
    Finally, let our actions and investments prove to the world that we have taken our country back and we are working hard to be responsible global citizens.

  3. Arnold Frogel says:

    I would like to spread the word on this simple, almost effortless step that we can each take to advance the change that we all want. Get Co-op America’s “Real Money” newsletter on responsible credit cards. Many people are using credit cards issued by financial institutions that are supporting earth-destructive projects in various parts of the world, but there are some smaller, lesser known institutions that do not lend or invest in those projects and are even involved with earth sustainable projects.

  4. Ruth Meyer says:

    All of the above comments are inspiring, as were the election results. I believe that we cannot expect President Obama to fulfill his many campaign promises unless we, the electorate, continue to work as hard in the days ahead as we did during these past months. Washington, and politics as usual are entrenched. The grassroots movement must remain as energized now as it was before November 4. It is the only way that this nation and this world can survive.

  5. Deilyn Berdichevskaya says:

    A message that I would like President Barak Obama to hear is that by electing him, people have put a lot of hope in him, which makes him very accountable for all future actions.

    I really want to believe that he will be that man on Earth that will not disappoint the world like so many other American Presidents did and that will lead the country into great change and in particularly one area that has not seen much change since Medieval Times, our treatment of the environment, of nature in general. We are destroying our planet and as the President of one of the most important nations in the world, Mr.Obama should be able to turn the wheel towards a greener planet, where other species are treated with respect and dignity, where there won’t be anymore an endangered species list, where air is pure and lakes are not polluted!

  6. Prue Moloney says:

    If Obama fails to be Green enough, consider forming a Green party. The “Green Party” in Australia is gathering strength and becoming an influence on policy. Thanks to Al Gore, many people in Australia woke up to global warming and voted out a conservative government. “The Greens” are now being taken seriously by both major parties as they are taking votes from both parties and almost have the balance of power in parliament. The Greens have become respectable.

  7. Prue Moloney says:

    If Obama fails to be Green enough, consider forming a “Green” Party. In Australia the “Green Party” is gathering strength and becoming an influence on policy.

    Since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth woke up people to the seriousness of global warming, many people in Australia are choosing to vote Green. They are taking votes away from the two major parties to the extent that they are now being taken seriously and have become respectable.

  8. I am afraid the recent Supreme Court decision to allow for navy sonar exercises in spite of the harm it could have on whales and other aquatic creatures, will be used as a precedent to the world to destroy mountain gorilla habitat in the Congo and Rwanda regions for security reasons…. and it could go badly very quickly.

  9. Big Daddy says:

    I like to think of the Amazon Rainforest as it was portrayed in Medicine Man with Sean Connery. I consider it by far the Earth’s most valuable resource. It certainly houses most of the world’s species of plants, animals, insects and assuredly contains answers to all of humankinds illnesses. Rainforests also house a large percentage of the Earth’s carbon eating trees which along with the Ocean’s kelp beds account for the vast majority of the planet’s carbon sequestration system. Of course the kelp beds are dying as we destroy the oceans with toxic pollution and as we destroy thousands of acres of rainforest each week we’re swiftly suffocating ourselves in our own filth. The inevitable result will be worldwide megadeath once oxygen levels reach critical levels. This will not be a gradual process. This will happen suddenly, worldwide, on a massive scale when oxygen levels fall below a threshold minimum. We’re extremely close to that level now.

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