Halloween Stickering Week of Action!

Written by Adrian

Topics: Agribusiness

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When my colleague Bria and I sent out action alerts to the Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign’s grassroots activists a few weeks ago, asking them to participate in our Halloween Stickering Week of Action, we had no idea that over 900 people – in 43 states and 5 Canadian provinces – would sign up. (We ended up having to rush-order more stickers in order to send stickers out to everyone who signed up!)

These 900 folks are going to be going to supermarkets in their neighborhoods between now and Halloween, and putting “Warning! Product May Contain Rainforest Destruction” stickers on Halloween products made by the Dirty Twenty - 20 big companies that buy rainforest-destroying palm oil from agribusiness giants ADM, Bunge, and Cargill, and who have refused to sign our pledge to make the palm oil industry more sustainable.

I’ll send out updates during the week as they come in.

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  1. lois nelson says:

    Now that I know who you are, I will no longer purchase any products made by your company.

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