RAN Writes to the FSC

Written by Jennifer Krill

Topics: Agribusiness

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Coming up in November, RAN staff will be attending the FSC General Assembly meeting as one of 350 members of the environmental chamber. The FSC is the only forest certification scheme in the world in which RAN and environmentalists can fight for greater protections – others, like the SFI, won’t even let us in the door. And it’s a good thing too, because this year we have some serious issues to bring up with the FSC.

As you can read in our letter to the FSC Executive Director (ran-to-fsc-101308), the FSC’s Controlled Wood Standard has serious problems with inclusion of wood fiber in violation of the FSC’s rules. Meanwhile, critics have alleged that ‘an estimated sixty percent of FSC timbers come from ancient forests’. As FSC members, RAN is asking the FSC to respond to this claim by providing accurate data regarding the percentage of FSC timbers derived from primary (never industrially managed) and old-growth (older than 200 years) forests.

As RAN undertakes our strategic review of the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC’s) benefits and costs, how the FSC responds to these controversies will affect whether, and how much, RAN can continue supporting the FSC. In coming months, we will continue to report back our conclusions to our members and supporters. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ecological Internet says:

    Here is Ecological Internet’s take on RAN’s commitment to review FSC:


    A picture of the protest banner from the New York Climate Action Group’s protest against RAN can be found at:

  2. Bill Dryden says:

    Jennifer….greetings from Boise!! And why are you and Mike picking on the folks at FSC??

    How are you? It appears that you continue to be very busy. All is well with me here in Boise. I continue to do some consulting work and enjoy “semi-retirement”.


  3. Peter Trend says:

    I am disappointed that all seems to have gone quiet over this issue. Did RAN chicken out of dealing with the FSC? Where are the answers to the questions raised in Jennifer’s letter?

    I look forward to RAN’s swift response to Ecological Internet’s letter of protest (below).


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