Rainforest Action Network’s Old Growth campaign is entering a new phase

Written by Jennifer Krill

Topics: Climate

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Thanks in part to the support from tens of thousands of RAN activists and supporters, this past June the Grassy Narrows First Nation won an unprecedented victory when AbitibiBowater, the largest paper company in the world, agreed to stop logging in their traditional territory and the provincial government agreed to honor Grassy Narrows’ consent for future decisions in their region. This important precedent for Indigenous Peoples’ rights allows us a unique opportunity to begin a new phase for the Old Growth Campaign. One of our top priorities will be to return to working to protect tropical rainforests, as well as reviewing the long history of the old growth campaign and commitments from companies such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. Another opportunity for forest protection is on the table at the UN climate negotiations and RAN’s team is accredited and ready to go. What else do you think we could do? We welcome your thoughts and input below.

Above all, RAN’s Old Growth campaign is committed to end logging in ancient forests worldwide. As part of planning this new phase for the campaign, RAN has begun undertaking a strategic review of the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC’s) benefits and costs. The credibility of the FSC continues to be threatened by controversies with specific certifications, with contentious policies such as the Controlled Wood Standard which operates much lower standard into than the FSC itself, and with the volume of wood certified from old growth forests. These controversies affect whether, and how much, RAN can continue supporting the FSC. RAN staff will attend the FSC annual meeting in November, we will report back our conclusions to our members and supporters as well as through dialogue with other NGOs.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support for this important work!

Jennifer Krill
Program Director

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  1. Hey Jen,

    Glad to read this… I’ll put it in an upcoming edition of Earth Tree News! I think this is a perfect way to address criticism of RAN for its support of FSC!!!!

    How can I get more involved? I have a 14,000 article data base of the past three years of forest news/blog issues from around the world via my blog. I want to sort this data out in a way that empowers forest defenders around the world! I’d love to work with RAN in any capacity they are interested in…

    Please let me know your thoughts?

    Be well, Deane

  2. David Nickarz says:

    Thank you for your great work in Grassy Narrows. I would strongly urge you to seriously consider dropping your support for FSC.

    The FSC certified operations of the Tembec newsprint mill in Pine Falls, Manitoba is very controversial. They clear cut in primary boreal forests and use pesticides without a plan to stop. They have recently dropped their post consumer recycled content in their newsprint, thereby increasing their logging by 22 percent.

    Their plan is to log in one-third of endangered Woodland Caribou habitat. They also log in our provincial parks.

    Clearly, FSC in Manitoba is a step backwards for boreal forest protection. I encourage RAN to drop their support for FSC.

    Thanks again for your work to protect forests in Grassy Narrows,

    David Nickarz

  3. Michelle says:

    An MBA class I’m taking brought up the subject of the rainforests and it got me wondering, who controls them? Does the Nicaraguan government allow these companies to come and deplete the rainforests? Could they put a stop to it since it’s their land? How does that work?

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