Activists raise a 150 square foot “FORECLOSED?” sign behind iconic Wall Street bull

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With the economy in tatters and Congress fumbling for answers, at high noon today activists scaled the 40-foot flagpoles behind the iconic Wall Street bull and raised an American flag with the word “FORECLOSED?” emblazoned across the front. An accompanying rally of fifty people, surrounded by teams of tourists and onlookers, called for an end to Wall Street’s reckless financial practices that threaten to foreclose on America’s future, while demonstrators carried signs reading “families before financiers” and “our planet, our money, our future”.

Onlookers cheered encouragement, adding to the strangely carnival-like atmosphere on Wall Street that has developed since tectonic shifts started rocking the financial sector. Perhaps because people are realizing that today’s crisis can be tomorrow’s opportunity – our financial system is collapsing and we now have an historic opportunity to start laying a foundation for a new, sustainable economy based on justice and fairness rather than corruption and greed.

What does that economy look like?

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  1. genevieve beenen says:

    To create a meaningful economy, this new nation should officially adopt the Declaration of Universal Human Rights, re-adopt the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and specifically pledge to honor and respect all humans on the planet without regard to race, national origin, economic standing, gender, sexual orientation; and vow never to torture animals whether for profit or scientific advancement. (Humans will never be a humane species until they respect and treat humanely other planetary life forms.)

    Ignorance begets fear begets violence. This will be a land that outlaws war and makes ignorance unnecessary. It will be understood that violence is the most ignorance of behaviors that only begets increased violence.

    Compassion for all will beget a healthy people and a healthy nation.

    This will be a land without prisons. It is possible to understand, prevent, and overcome the societal, psychological, and neurological problems that result in antisocial behavior.

    They will dedicate themselves to understanding and overcoming physical, psychological, genetic and neurological disorders, diseases and injuries. And they will pledge themselves to prevent physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual abuse of children so this will become a nation of healthy individuals who do not fear one another.

    A healthy nation requires a well-educated people, not necessarily all book learning — “educare” means to draw out all the creative energies and abilities students possess.

    This nation will understand its wealth to be the people and the honored labor of its people. Money will not have high status. Work will not exhaust or demean these people, but will be an appropriate and shared contribution of skills and knowledge to the pursuit of laughter, health, and community.

    All persons in this nation will be known as artists of one kind or another and art of all kinds will have an honored place in society.

    The people in this nation will have no need to fill their lives with “stuff” but will instead focus on higher values both simple and profound. They will slow way down their pursuit of meaningless material and technological achievements to refocus their minds, funds, and energies to understand and promote what it means to be fully human and to be part of a planetary experience.

    These people will create an economic environment that cannot be seduced by greed but that will be rich in satisfaction and allows them to be free to become all they can be.

  2. davidben says:

    i agree with most.iam interested in communicating with you. perhaps together, we can hash out the details and exchange ideas.please respond. i bedlieve we aRE OF ONE MIND.

  3. Aheadimply says:

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  4. Rudy Hillinga says:

    “Families before financiers” and “our planet, our money, our future,”says it all!

  5. Don Quixot says:

    The American dream for 1 % and the American nightmare for the rest.

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