Massey Prepares To Blast Away Proposed Coal River Wind Farm

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Massey Energy, the poster child of mountaintop removal, announced yesterday that they will begin mining on Coal River Mountain, the proposed site for the Coal River Wind Project.

Community groups and members are asking Gov. Joe Manchin to put a halt to the blasting. A local community group, Coal River Mountain Watch, has compiled research and begun a project to build a wind farm on Coal River Mountain that could power 150,000 homes.

Please contact the governor and ask him to stop the blasting of the Coal River Mountain.

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  1. Christopher Lutz says:

    Dear Gov. Joe Manchin,
    Perhaps you are powerless to stop MTR at Coal River Mountain but I am afraid that once again mankind looks for short term gain without taking into consideration our future generations. Destructive acts such as what is about to begin at Coal River Mountain will be your legacy long after we and the coal are gone. I only hope you and all of us can learn from these life altering and irresponsible acts and that one day we will all regret what our generation is doing to our planet. Christopher Lutz

  2. janet herbruck says:


  3. Sue Holtz says:

    Stop the MTR at Coal River Mountain, the short term gain is not the answer to out problems Please be responsible!!!!

  4. Debbie Brush says:

    This antiquated and destructive practice must come to an end. It must be replaced with t forward thinking alternative, which we do have the technology for.

  5. Nina Keefer says:

    It is time for renewable energy. Time to stop the destruction.

  6. Cheryl Erb says:

    Please stop mountaintop mining – for every reason there could ever be. Coal is NOT the answer to America’s energy needs.

    Thank you,

  7. Timothy P. Strong says:

    You will never be able to repair the damage mountaintop mining does. The long-run costs are not worth the benefits.

  8. Anita Brandariz says:

    Don’t allow the destruction of your state for short term profit. Strip mining is not the answer to our energy problems

  9. Deborah Danzeiser says:

    We are to be stewards of God’s creation, not rapists. We have reached the tipping point- the argument is not “owls versus jobs,” if we don’t work hard to save the environment we are damning ourselves as well as dooming ourselves.

  10. Gerry Allen says:

    Massey puts greed ahead of the “Creation” and the beauty of the world it destroys. Shame on you Massey!

  11. melissa miller says:

    this practice of leveling mountain tops to mine coal is wrong. it pollutes water,the coal causes global earming and will not solve our energy problems.Please stop the coal mining companies from doing mor damage in your state.

  12. melissa miller says:

    this practice of leveling mountain tops to mine coal is wrong. it pollutes water,the coal causes global warming and will not solve our energy problems.Please stop the coal mining companies from doing mor damage in your state.

  13. Cynthia Stewart says:

    Think of the long-term consequences of destroying mountains. Are are much better alternatives.

  14. Paula Vincent-Cowan says:

    When will saving our environment be number one on our government’s priority list? Stop the insanity now.

  15. Thomas Blaney says:

    Stupid is, as stupid does. Clean coal is an oxymoron.

  16. I am so sickened by what has been going on for far too long. I look at people now that want McCain/Palin in office with absolute disgust. They’ve sold our soul to the Devil.

  17. Wendy Sands says:

    We need to stop desecrating the environment and adopt clean energy. Why not make a wind farm and leave the mountain along.

    I am an asthmatic and I do not want to breathe polluted air, nor do I want my daughter and her family to. Coal=pollution.

  18. Charlotte Lundemo says:

    This is complete insanity desecrating our environment. This is the only planet we have. This is our only home. We need alternative energy sources in use full time.

  19. Armando Gomez says:

    To Governor Manchin,

    By the facts as I perceive them, you have allowed the MTR to destroy Coal River Mountain. I also perceive that you and your office have been bought off. Am I being cruel? Crude? Are you being well paid off or this is example of your perception of reality? I believe you are a very practical man—me first and the hell with everyone; the very cornerstone of the free market. I can make you change your mind about reversing your decision about giving a damn about humanity around you. Or more to the point: humanity outside you realm of cynicism. But there’s a way to step outside of the perception: give a damn. Dump MTR!

  20. deborah Pierce says:

    Our Mother Earth is precious……..stop removing what was left for us.

  21. Jesse says:

    Our earth needs to be conserved in all manners possible, not stripped to the bone! This is OUR HOME!

  22. C D Allen says:

    this is sad…what’s left of appalachia is being destroyed!!!

  23. The world is watching. What are you going to do? Aileen Renner, special education teacher

  24. The world is watching! What are you going to do? Aileen, special education teacher

  25. Llauren Peralta says:

    What will be left for the future children of the world, Llauren Peralta, college student.

  26. What will be left for our future children and yours??? Llauren Peralta, college student.

  27. william toner says:

    stop the greed and destruction NOW!

  28. Joanne Neale says:

    It is time for renewable energy. Time to stop the destruction.

  29. Sheena W. says:

    Exploitation is not the answer!

  30. Anthony A. Capobianco says:

    Please stop the blasting of the Coal River Mountain.

  31. Annie McMahon says:

    Stop perpetuating the lie that dirty coal is clean!!!!

  32. Diane Shaughnessy says:

    the barriers to a clean energy transition are political, not technical

  33. Chuck says:

    How many more mountains must be destroyed in the quest for an energy source?

  34. If we don’t stop the destruction now…then when.

  35. Kent Minault says:

    Have mercy, will you people never stop? This utterly discredited strategy, this shameless destruction of our grandchildren’s birthright, cannot continue. Stop it now. You have a clear alternative. A wind farm, for heaven’s sake. You’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution. Choose the solution. Choose the future. Have a spine.

  36. Mark Salamon says:

    Coal is an obsolete fuel, an energy dinosaur. It is absolutely certain that clean, alternative power generation is the future. Start making the transition to the energy future NOW. It is backwards thinking to perpetuate an out-of-date and destructive technology such as mountaintop removal coal mining, especially when it directly prevents a real solution — such as wind power — from being implemented.

  37. Mark Hodie says:

    Coal is the past. Coal is the present. Coal is NOT the future. Enough is enough! The time has long since passed to start investing in clean energy. No more excuses!!!

  38. David Parker says:

    Please stop the insanity…destroying whole mountaintops! and the surrounding valleys and streams. Give the planet and its inhabitants hope by promoting clean, renewable energy.

  39. Susan Flynn says:

    There is no “clean coal” technology. The mining is a hazard to our waterways and the worst pollution that adds to the greenhouse gases in our air, there is loss of renewable forests and habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities for man. Subsidies need to be stopped for coal co.’s and created for renewable, cleaner, healthier, sustainable energy sources.

  40. Charlene Moore says:

    just stop, please

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