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Written by Stan

Topics: Agribusiness

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RAN\'s SXSW Presentation

What an inspirational week! The Rainforest Agribusiness campaigners, interns, and legions of supporters across the world have taken major steps to bring about the end of palm oil expansion into endangered ecosystems and displacing Indigenous communities.

And they did it on the Internet!

So many non-profits use the Internet merely to raise funds or to raise awareness about issues, but the supporters of Rainforest Action Network seem to have figured out how to use online action to accomplish strategic goals and make progress toward our mutual mission. That seems like an idea worth spreading.

We have the opportunity to speak at a conference next spring doing just that, telling other non-profits how they can use the Internet to change the world, but we need your help:

Vote for our panel at the South-by-Southwest Interactive Panel Picker!

The conference organizers liked our panel idea but they’re putting the final decision in your hands. If we get enough votes, we’ll get a chance to tell other non-profits all about the amazing work that readers of this very blog achieved. We’d be leveraging people power to tell other organizations about how to leverage people power!

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  1. Coastal Classic Creations thanks all of the members of RAN. We have now linked hands with you with pride, with humility, and with our deepest gratitude. We reacted to your letter about our use of palm oil defensively, and for that we apologize; however, our only explanation is that we are a company dedicated, at whatever cost, to use only fair trade suppliers, palm oil from deforested lands, recycled paper products, including biodegradable cornstarch peanuts, and 100% certified organic suppliers. We thank all of you who apologized on behalf of RAN. We have signed your pledge, and are ready to help spread the word. You are linked to our website, and we will do whatever we can to help. With the utmost humility. We particularly thank Bill Holt and Irene Bensinger, and, of course, Leila, who helped us through this. The only thing we ask that, in order for us to be powerful, we have got to do our research first. Humbly, Joseph

  2. EEEK!!! You see the errors??? PALM OIL NOT FROM DEFORESTED LANDS!!!!

  3. Juliette says:

    I hope you make it! I love all your online campaign, and you managed to make grassroot-internet absolutely fascinating (now, if only you could take care of your European fans you’d be perfect :P)

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