Amazing Stick It to Palm Oil Reports and Pictures!

Written by Brihannala

Topics: Agribusiness

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Reports from people all across North America who participated in the Stick It to Palm Oil day of action are rolling in!

More than 2,000 people overwhelmed supermarkets with stickers reading “Warning! Product May Contain Rainforest Destruction” to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of palm oil expansion.

The stickers pointed shoppers to our all new website:

If you stickered yesterday, don’t forget to email me at

Here are the early reports and pictures:

Astoria, OR:

Chris stickering at Safeway:

Victoria, BC:

This is Tim reporting in from the recent stickering strike launched in Victoria BC, Canada this afternoon at about 6pm. It went off without a hitch. We hit up about a dozen or so products, peeling through about 60 stickers. Our sticker squad of three had a sweet time, and here are the pics to prove it.

All the best! Keep up the great work!

San Francisco, CA:

Stickered food and cosmetics that contain palm oil.

Reportback from Marie in Westmont, Illinois:

I grabbed a shopping cart and first went to the cereal aisle in Jewel. There was an employee that was stacking items a little ways from me. So I pretended to check out cereal boxes for info (palm oil, of course) As I picked up each box, I put a sticker on each one. I did about 10 boxes then moved to an aisle that was prominently displaying Keebler products. It was a very busy aisle but I picked up the packages and again read the labels and put the stickers on them. I finished the rest of the 20 stickers and couldn’t find the remaining ones. I went back to the cereal aisle but they weren’t there. After about 2 minutes looking I casually went back to my car and there they were.

My next trip was further down the road where there was a Dominicks. Again I grabbed a cart and proceeded to the candy aisle. I found where the M & M’s were. I put about 3 stickers on the packages when an employee approached me and asked if he could help me. I politely told him that I was just looking and he left. I thought for sure he caught me but he didn’t.

From the candy aisle, I went to where the ramen noodles were (they were on sale so I knew that they would be perfect to get the message out). From there, I went to the cookie aisle and finished putting the rest of the stickers on Keebler products.

I walked around the store with the shopping cart for a few seconds and then left the store.

All in all, it went as smooth as glass and I’m am glad that I did it.

What a great campaign and thanks for letting me help.

An anonymous sticker-er wrote:

I started wondering if the grocery stores had been alerted to watch for stickering activity. Although I was dressed very nicely and look conservative, a VERY OBVIOUS plain clothes person followed me up and down aisles. I wanted to say, “Try pushing a cart and look less obvious.”

Allie in North Carolina checked in:

So, I was very excited to Stick It To Palm Oil yesterday. I had gotten over 150 stickers in the mail last week and gathered quite a few friends for the day. We showed up at our local Harris Teeter ready for some action. We scattered in a few small groups. As me and my friend Francesco were bringing awareness to some 100 Calorie Packs, a man came behind me. He had a voice deep with southern drawl, broad shoulders and a potbelly. He said to me, holding up a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies in my face, “You want to explain this to me?”. I turned around and politely told him about this wonderful movement. He responded with a lecture about losing customers, and requested that I leave.

Of course, I gathered my crew and we left without any commotion.

Solana Beach, CA:

The South Beach Diet got a little makeover:

H Johnson wrote in:

I’m a shy person so I didn’t want to be seen stickering.  I wore plain
dark clothes and made sure no one was looking before attaching my
stickers.  I put 6 on cans of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee dinosaurs and the rest on
popcorn.  I was relieved to find that at least one brand of popcorn did
NOT have palm oil.  It only took a few minutes.

Denise got her sticker on at Target:

Even our own RYSE UP youth camp got to join in:

13 young people, armed with stickers and a great sense of humor arrived at the Pac-n-Save in Emeryville, CA on the 13th after spending a week together at the RYSE UP camping trip. We went in and looked up and down the isles, finding that nasty palm oil in just about every product in the store. One of the participants found that if she put the sticker on the price label on the shelf, it stood out even more. We got out scott free, after applying about 30 stickers in all.

Cris from New York:

Placing stickers on products was my first action with RAN. I have read a lot about our unsustainable way of living and have been frustrated doing nothing else than recycling and biking and using my backpack to pick up groceries. It made me feel part of a bigger movement.

I found a palm oil gold mine in the duane reade pharmacy. I was a bit nervous but it went swiftly. Congratulations for organizing this protest, I am now conscious about the damage of palm oil and won’t buy products made with it, I am sure many people that bought products that have the stickers will be enlightened too.
thank you

Send in your pictures and stories!

More to come …

16 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Bravo to RAN for taking the struggle straight to the consumers. People need to know what they’re buying. Then they’ll stop. Palm oil is the most shameful substance on earth.

    As palm oil companies clearcut the rainforests of Borneo & Sumatra and expand their industrial-sized plantations, thousands of orangutans are being systematically wiped out. Adults are killed on sight– often brutally–while babies are ripped off their dying mothers and sold into the illegal pet trade. This is a cruelty that must be stopped!

    Learn more about efforts to protect orangutans and see what you can do to help! Visit the Orangutan Outreach website:

    Richard Zimmerman
    Director, Orangutan Outreach
    Reach out and save the orangutans!

  2. A Wild Soap Bar has been unfairly placed on your palm oil “blacklist” and you need to take us off!!! So far I have received no response from RAN to my email yesterday, explaining that we are a small eco-minded and socially responsible company that purchases sustainable organic palm oil from S. America that’s grown on reclaimed land that was clear cut 30-40 years ago. RAN is unfairly hurting our business and you owe us an apology! We’re not the problem, we’re part of the solution! Take us off this horrible blacklist before you do any more damage to our small family GREEN business! Geez.

  3. leila says:

    Just to be clear, our campaign is not meant to hurt small family businesses. Our campaign is exposing companies, small or giant, who use palm oil (including palmitate) in their products and asking companies to make a commitment to stop. We’re asking companies to sign a pledge to protect forests, family farmers and our climate. If that’s done, we will happily take the the company off the list of companies that use palm oil. I posted the pledge late last night on the blog entitled “RAN Sends Letters to Over 300 Companies and Stickers their products too”.

    Just in the last day, over 20 companies have signed our pledge. We encourage any other company that has received our letter or e-mails from supporters to sign our pledge.

    NOTE: We apologize if you have not received an official response as of yet. We are doing the best we can to respond to all individually.

  4. I signed the pledge this morning Leila, thanks, my pleasure … but RAN should have done their homework BEFORE including companies like ours that are already using sustainable organic palm oil and doing all the things you’re asking! Have been for years! It’s a slap in the face after running a socially responsible green business for the past 13 years and donating countless time and money to dozens of environmental causes my entire adult life (I’m 52), only to find the hard earned reputation of A Wild Soap Bar stuck at the top of your blacklist of irresponsible companies! Think how you would feel. I’m sure you didn’t intend to hurt small family businesses, but you did! How many people saw our name at the top of that list? Last time I checked, it was still there!

    RAN owes us an apology and you should set the record straight by sending out an email to your entire list letting them know that A Wild Soap Bar and others were incorrectly placed there. Simply removing our name is not enough. I trust you’ll do the right thing here because we’re all in this together. Peace.

  5. Jennifer Krill says:

    Thanks so much for signing the pledge Maggie! We do regret that we didn’t start a dialogue with you earlier, and we certainly believe that we’re fighting for the same thing.

    A quick note on organic palm oil – a large part of the reason why the RAN pledge was written is because in Indonesia and Malaysia, ‘organic’ sadly does not mean ‘sustainable’. It is certainly important to eliminate pesticides and herbicides in ag products, but with palm oil we need to go further. Organic palm oil still comes from destroyed rainforests, and organic certification does not cover the rights of Indigenous peoples to free, prior and informed consent over what happens on their land.

    We are calling on companies to pledge to not use palm oil from converted rainforests, to refuse palm oil from climate change causing activities like forest fires and draining peat bogs, and to only buy products that fundamentally protect Indigenous rights.

    Again, thanks for signing the pledge and we encourage companies who share our concern for the environment, human rights and the global climate to join this important campaign!

  6. I know the difference between organic and sustainable… and I’m still waiting (and very patiently I might add!) to be removed from “the list” and for a retraction to be sent to all RAN subscribers as well as posted on your website.

  7. leila says:

    FYI: All companies who have responded to us and have signed the pledge to protect forests, family farmers and our climate have been taken off of our list of companies that use unsustainable palm oil, including A WILD SOAP BAR. We applaud these companies for signing our pledge and for all of their efforts to ensure that their products are using the most sustainable and responsible ingredients on the market.

    RAN is committed to working with these companies and the many more that will sign our pledge in promoting sustainable palm oil alternatives and pressuring the ABCs.

  8. Windsor, CT says:

    My friend and I stickered and had no troubles at all! Felt good to be a part of helping to educate the public. Thanks RAN!

  9. Thanks Leila. I’ve already gotten an inquiry from someone who heard about us through RAN and I’m looking forward to the new campaign you plan to mount highlighting responsible companies such as ours.

  10. mary kappus says:

    please let me know about the responsible companies that you plan to highlight thanks.

  11. Dennis V. says:

    Hey Marie in Westmont, Illinois!! Good to hear another person from Illinois in this action!! What a great action!!

    Let me know if you ever plan another time of action. Maybe we can meet up!!
    Plus get more people involved! Feel Free to email me!


  12. roy vizer says:

    can i get some stickers to stick here in Victoria BC. i’d also be into a large stickers to put on my bass drum. Thanks,
    concerned Orangutan lover,

  13. SylviaRaine says:

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  14. miki says:

    buy palm oil

  15. Mike says:

    You know, I was really excited when I found this site. My wife and I have worked very hard for the past six months to eliminate palm oil and SLS from our household permanently. I was hoping to find a list I could trust, just in case something came up, or known trusted and untrusted sources. But are you saying that any company that uses palm oil, sustainable or no, will be on your black list unless they sign YOUR pledge? Because honestly, after reading Wild Soap’s story, I’ve got to say that’s pretty crappy misinformation you’re spreading. And honestly, that kind of irresponsible, libelous misinformation is the REASON it’s so hard for the public to take environmentalists seriously. If you can’t be bothered to fact check the things you proudly publish, I do not think I will be supporting your organization after all.

  16. natural soap says:

    I am not sure exactly about benefits of palm oil but foods and cosmetics from natural oil should be healthy and health caring.

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