Dear King Coal, We’re Not Kidding! 8 Arrested in Ohio Coal Plant Action

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Remember my last couple of posts where I said that the coal fights are stepping up and people are putting their bodies on the line? I wasn’t kidding.

Last week in Richmond, 12 were arrested blockading Dominion Resources’ HQ on the day they began construction at the Wise County coal plant.

Well, we have another Monday morning and we have another direct action at the HQ of some folks building new coal fired power plants. After this week’s rendezvous, Earth First! held a demo at American Municipal Power’s HQ in Columbus OH and five entered the building and chained themselves inside. Police, being police, responded by using mace to force them out. Eight were arrested.


Meigs County is an environmental sacrifice zone and the location of FOUR proposed plants. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that only eight were arrested and not eighty.

Radical environmentalists from Earth First! and Rising Tide are leading the way in this struggle against the coal plants. We must support them in anyway possible.

Please donate to their jail support here.

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  1. NO New Coal says:

    Monday night, four of the eight arrested have been released, on bond. Bond for the arrestees amounts to around $2000 – financial help is still needed and can be given care of the Earth First! Journal at <href=””

    As of Tuesday morning, the other four folks, with misdemeanor riot charges, are awaiting release by Tuesday evening. Their bond amounts have been met with fronted money, please help us!

    3 will be arraigned Wednesday morning at 9am at the Franklin County Courthouse in Columbus, in room 4c. Come show your support!

  2. Doug Russel says:

    All charges should be dropped against those arrested at the Ohio Coal Plant. These charges should be dropped immediately.

  3. Eric Meyer says:

    Thank you good people who put yourselves in danger of many kinds to stand up to the powers that use Mother Earth as a means to make money. The degradation they cause is becoming more obvious to more of the public and your hard work over the decades is producing awareness.
    Many people are unaware of much beyond their TV screen. I praise you folks who creatively bring the large issues to the awareness of those who slug through life thinking the propaganda is the truth. Your efforts to bring awareness and to inspire others to hold the powers accountable to environmental integrity is the stuff that HEROS are ……..
    We just had another flag waving holiday in the US === I Do hope we learn to hold the real heros in high regard and rid ourselves of blind patriotism and sloganeering. Evolution is slow when the power machine demands “status quo”.
    Power to the PEOPLE!!!!!!

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