U.S. Government puts Moratorium on………. Solar

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Yep it’s true. They aren’t putting a moratorium on coal or nuclear. They are putting the moratorium on solar energy projects.

Funny how they cite an environmental impact study for the moratorium, but have no problem with locking in 50 years of coal plants. Where’s the environmental impact study there?

I’d say it’s weak and pathetic, but actually I think it shows how strong oil and coal are in this society and they have the politicians in their back pocket and pull them out whenever they see a threat to their hegemony.

Anyway, like Joe Hill said “Don’t mourn, organize!


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  1. Glen Parker says:

    I was unaware the federal government was subsidizing solar energy now or in the past. The tax credit for installing on your rooftop. I think it will expiring in 2010. By that time we will have a new president not in bed with the coal and oil companies.

  2. Gerald Griffin says:

    U know Bush & McCain are behind this one. A last ditch before Bush goes out to stop something good. This ‘mortie’ will HAVE to be repealed, & will be when OBama is in.

  3. Rich & Linn Andrews says:

    This proves our government is owned by big business and that they are stupid beyond comprehension. Let us pull the hand of big business out of our puppet politicians rear ends and end the puppeteers profiteering!

  4. Diana Gries says:

    This needs to go into the papers, nationally and to the Sierra Club, the wildlife clubs all clubs and mechanisms that this relates to so that the public gets behind a movement to reverse this-now

  5. Phillip W. Kehn says:

    Why isn’t Bush being impeached? He is the worlds biggest
    Environmental Terrorist and a traitor. At least three thousand people a day in the USA die from air pollution and he is doing all he can to weaken air pollution regulations One of this aids told him he thought something he was doing was unconstitional. He replied “DO NOT BRING THE CONSTITION UP TO ME. IT IS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER.” SIR TWICE YOU PUT YOUR HAND ON A BIBLE AND SWORE TO UPHOLD THAT PIECE OF PAPER.

    I am ashamed to live in a country the allows this person to be its leader.

  6. Deb Arnason says:

    Bush and Cheney need to be impeached. That is our recourse instead of fighting each and every one of their impeachable offenses to the environment, all species and even their own human race. We have been enabling more of the same bad behavior. We do not have to accept unacceptable behavior. Just say, collectively, “NO”

  7. John Frois says:

    It’s just beyond belief that someone like Bush could be President of the U.S. 45 years after Kennedy. Bush is an environmental vandal and history will not be kind to him.
    For Bush to be elected the first time, well, one should not judge that too harshly, anyone can make a mistake, however for this man to be elected a second time…it is just plain unforgivable and the most damaging act in living memory.

  8. Kathryn says:

    It got overturned- oughta update the article!!!! :)

    US Reverses Moratorium on Solar Projects

    The Bureau of Land Management has reversed a recently imposed moratorium on the construction of new solar energy projects on public land. Government officials had said they needed the freeze to study the solar projects’ environmental impact on land in Arizona, Nevada, California and other western states. Critics had warned the moratorium could have paralyzed the solar energy industry.- democracynow.org july 3rd

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