Bringing the Climate Fight to King Coal’s Communities in North Carolina

Written by Ananda

Topics: Coal, Finance

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Activists from around North Carolina have come together in Charlotte to take citizen action against Bank of America in their own company town. To highlight the socio-economic abuses perpetrated by the bank against the communities and ecosystems of Appalachia, several ATMs and bank branches have been shut down, roped off and declared “global warming crime scenes.” Bank employees have been witnessing their employer being called out for its role in financing the wholesale destruction of the Appalachian Mountains and supporting King Coal’s ongoing tyranny over the Appalachian people. People were cautioned about our common proximity to the impacts of global warming – as a reminder of our common responsibility towards climate justice.

Charlotte bank closed

Activists in Chapel Hill, NC took further action against climate change and mountain top removal, this time bringing the message to Bank of America Director W.Steven Jones – also the Dean of Kenan-Flagler Business School at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Posters were put up in and around the UNC business school with pictures of Jones’ colleague – CEO Ken Lewis and information on the bank’s socially unethical and environmentally disastrous investment portfolio.


Activists also postered climate disaster posters in the boroughs of Charlotte’s finest – to remind them of our common future. We hope they will appreciate this effort to reach out to them directly, and choose to use their positions of power and influence to call on Bank of America to end its financing of massive social and ecological destruction during this critical time of global climate change.

Climate Chaos

One of B of A’s many large-scale coal investments is a loan to Duke Energy for the construction of their new Cliffside coal plant, located between Charlotte and Asheville, NC. This plant is currently facing several legal challenges and massive citizen opposition. The climate disaster posters call for the cancellation of Cliffside as well as an end to all of B of A’s investments in dirty energy projects.


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  1. phyllis smith says:

    I am not surprised to hear of this. the love of power is going to be the end of us and this planet. We have got to take care of Mother Earth, she is the one who gives us life! Where else are we going to go. Big Buisness and Coal? Imagine! Please stop now, there is a better way!

  2. Bob B says:

    This is crazy! The Earth has stopped warming for the last 10yrs and the oceans are cooling as well. At least get up to speed with the recent climate data before you go off the deep end

  3. Bob B says:

    Nope read that. Hansen is a kook, but everyone knows that by now. Real data shows the IPCC trend is falsified:

  4. Bob B says:

    Besides, every time Hansen’s team debates in the open they lose. Even the NPR acknowledges global warming is not a crisis:

  5. Luke says:

    Seriously, the only kook in this discussion is you.

    The data’s unequivocal, and the debate has already been had and concluded “in the open” in the scientific community. If you really think you have counter-evidence, I suggest you try writing a journal article.

    Why are you so invested in denying the reality of the situation?

  6. Bob B says:

    The link you site is just plain silly. 2008 is not yet over and June 2008 is still tracking to be cold;

    I am invested because I have a family to feed and house, I need to buy gas to drive to work and coal for my electricity. The biofuel debacle is an example how silly eco thought can cause world huger by burning our food.

    The reality of the situation is that there is NO objective proof the recent slight warming is man-made–only computer simulations which have not been verified or validated

  7. Luke says:

    I’ll look for your byline in Science.

  8. Matthew Lunsford says:

    Why not build wind farms instead of coal plants.

  9. Doug says:

    Come on Bob even your Idiotic commander and chief acknowledges global warming is happening. The only idiots left that even question global warming are people in the coal business. God save us from the greedy & stupid.

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