Greenwash of the Week: The Dirty Truth About Clean Coal

Written by Luke

Topics: Coal

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  1. Kate Rooth says:

    For more information on CCS see the report released this week by Greenpeace “False Hope: Why carbon capture and storage wont save the climate”:

  2. Robert Heckler says:

    We have been fighting the building of coal plants in Kansas. So far, so good, but as you say, the people who have invested in this are not giving up. They have a few legislators, apparently on their payroll.

  3. Eric Meyer says:

    Right On !!
    Thank you for your work for the people and the planet. Your style is refreshing and you give one a chuckle while spreading the awful, dirty truth of global corporate malfeasance. You also include a message of sustainable alternative that leaves one with a desire to work for something more than Protest.

  4. Phillip W. Kehn says:

    One more green energy source you must be aware of waves.
    Ocean Power Technology has developed as I think have others
    what I feel is the best green energy. It uses waves power to left and lower bouys to generate electricity. Kills no birds. A 10×10 mile area in the ocean off California could supply all the etectric needed for the whole state. Nothing beats that. NO ONE IS EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT! This is 21century–not wind, coal, etc etc. Come on find out about this and get the word out.

  5. Luke says:

    I think that there are some experimental wave generators here in the Bay Area, actually. Seems promising; certainly more deserving of subsidy than coal + CCS.

  6. If we keep heralding the truth, eventually, we will achive our goals!

  7. A T says:

    There should not be any more power plants of any kind. Especially in America. Instead there should be sun , wind and hybrid power.

  8. John T Bastiaan says:

    Well done crew,the truth is always nice to hear for those of us that respect onesty.Not like coal and oil the thought just sounds dirty maybe it just stinks like those who are pushing it.mmmmmmm.

  9. Ed Pleskovitch says:

    I will add my cudos as well.You have a fresh,energetic,and factual way of talking your points.Well done.There is wave energy being used in the Bay of Fundy,Canada I think.Look it up.There are other sites around the world that are using wave energ as well.It is a viable source of virtually none polluting energy.

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