Greenwash of the Week: Hey Shell — No Means No!

Written by Luke

Topics: Learn

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This week’s greenwash is Shell Oil’s “Say No to No” campaign. Starring our own Robin Beck. Also appearing: Lawrence Lessig’s laptop (no joke).

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  1. susan craig says:

    FANTASTIC THE GREENWASH FOR THE WEEK IS great !!!!!!keep me informed so I can spead the WORD !!!!!!!!!

  2. ryanne says:

    yeah! i love these videos but you need a “Greenwash of the Week” video category on your blog so i can link to all of them when i blog about this- “hey check out RAN’s greenwash(es) of the week here”. also where is the link to the Shell video? I know it’s Shell, but you should link back to them so we can check it out.
    keep it up y’all. i love it.

  3. bicyclemark says:

    Definitely have to have a link to shell’s video. its important we dont just talk to our likeminded selves.. I think it important to engage them. After all.. they’ve got the funds… they’re not going to disappear tomorrow.. so if we want to implement serious green activities and energy.. then it would be good to apply pressure.. expose the greenwashing.. and get them to ACTUALLY do the things they typically just claim to do.

  4. mark says:

    THANK YOU<THANK YOU for taking a stand and letting the public know the truth in a peaceful way.Power to the People.Peace Chic-town

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