Great News for the Old Growth Campaign!

Written by Annie Sartor

Topics: Pulp and Paper

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What happened: Boise announced yesterday that it “wishes to honor the request of Chief Fobister to discontinue sourcing fiber from the Traditional Use Area of Grassy Narrows”. Check out their letter here: boises-letter.pdf AbitibiBowater, the world’s largest paper company, clear-cuts trees from Grassy Narrow’s traditional territory in northwestern Ontario, and sells pulp from these trees to Boise. Boise makes paper from this pulp and sells a huge percentage of it to OfficeMax in the United States and Grand & Toy in Canada.

What this means: Boise’s announcement that they will stop purchasing pulp that comes from Grassy Narrows means that our efforts to recruit support from OfficeMax and Grand & Toy worked! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the international day of action at OfficeMax and Grand & Toy on January 30th (just a few weeks ago!)

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What’s next? Grassy Narrows is still demanding a moratorium of all industrial activity on their traditional territory (including logging), Our primary concern right now is to push Weyerhaeuser and AbitibiBowater to follow Boise’s lead.

We want to hear from you! Now is a great time to weigh in with great ideas. A moratorium in Grassy Narrows is in our sights and creative thinking and clever ideas are definitely encouraged during this critical moment!

Thank You Thank You to everyone who has supported the Old Growth campaign! I am so happy to share the news of this milestone, and I hope that we can celebrate an even bigger victory in the near future.

- Annie

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  1. Japhet says:

    This is great news. You guys did a fantastic job and I hope to see more companies follow Boise’s lead on this one. Weyerhaeuser needs to step up. Abitibi/BowWater (for some reason I think “Blackwater” which is bad news for their marketing team) needs to see the light on this one.

    Its a no brainer.

  2. Christy says:

    Awesome! This is a great first step, and I’m glad to see that Boise Cascade is taking the issue seriously. I’ll be interested to see how Boise puts their words into action and how this eventually translates on the ground.

    And I agree with Japhet– it’s time for Weyerhaeuser and AbitibiBowater to quit stalling, follow Boise’s lead, and support Grassy Narrows’ moratorium.

  3. Abigail says:

    Outstanding! Victories like this do not come along often. Congratulations to the people of Grassy Narrows and to the people at RAN and their supporters who all worked so hard for this. I hope it sets a new trend …

  4. craig says:

    Congratulations, RAN. And to everyone who spends time getting the corporations to understand that the next generation of successful companies will be those who make money in honest, transparent and sustainable ways! Kudos to Boise and Office Max. We all should reward these companies by purchasing from them when they make good on promises like this.

  5. judi Merl says:

    Great grassroots activism; mostly women I observed. Celebrate green sourcing on St. Pat’s day, March 17th.

  6. judi Merl says:

    Great grasssroots activism; mostly women, I observed from the perky pictures. Celebrate green sourcing and strive for valued priorities on St. Patrick’s day on March 17th.

  7. Mark Reback says:

    Way to go RAN! Nice to see a corporation actually listening to the public pressure for once… We should use this success as a bargaining tool with the other companies like Weyerhauser, etc., and show that they will be helping themselves in the long run if they stop stalling now! :-)

  8. Mike Cohn says:

    Great job! Now we need a papertrail published so we know what products & customers the remaining offending companies sell. Those of us in office management positions need to be targeted, educated and pushed NOT to buy those products from those companies. Maybe GiveSomethingBack can partner? We need a shaming campaign but first we must know what they are selling.

  9. Lois mitchell says:

    good work RAN! Now if we could just convince the old boys that it makes no sense to spend billions on technology to recapture and store carbon and at the same time spend billions destroying the carbon recapture and storage system that we already have in the forest!!!

  10. Mary Ramsay says:

    Now, how do we thank Boise and Office Max? It never hurts to earn some good will!


  11. Kevin LeGrand says:

    RAN does some pretty incredible work and I appreciate everything you guys have done. Your efforts are bearing some delicious fruits. I have tried to play a role as well contacting my local MP, NR Minister, Michael Bryant, and Premier McGuinty. Even a band named Propagandhi is raising their swords, check them out! Excellent work ladies and gentlemen. I will send you a donation someday soon and will continue to do so as long as I can afford it. I am ever grateful:-)

  12. Rich says:

    Yippee !! Congratulations on protecting Grassy Glorious Narrows Forest Wilderness !! Thanx to all who are protecting our Sacred Forests Trees, Flora and Fauna !!
    And for getting the Logging and Paper Companies to wake and Stop !, Clear Cutting our Glorious Forests !!
    Much Thanx Annie and RAN !! Truly Rich Sproul

  13. Lale says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy to have been a lttle part of this.
    Whishing you continuous success!

  14. Brad says:

    Everyone is a winner on this one. I hope it starts a trend. I want to say “Thank You!” to Annie and everyone else involved in making this happen!

  15. Brant says:

    Thanks to everybody who’s taken time to comment. Special thanks to those who have taken time to contribute to the campaign. We really appreciate the support of all our friends. Together, we’re proving the power of non-violent grassroots action to move the market toward better practices.

    Mary, One way to thank Office Max and Boise is to call

    Boise: 208-384-7000,
    OfficMax: 800-283-7674
    Grand&Toy: 1-877-860-2910

    Mike, we’ve done some research into other companies sourcing from logging Grassy Narrows. There’s two other mills that have not met the commitment made by Boise. One is an iLevel mill owned by Weyerhaeuser. iLevel’s website lists lumberyards nationwide. will show you what to look for and some materials to help you talk to store managers. Be sure to send us any reports!

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