Tasmania: “Pulp mill? Pulp mill? We don’t need your stinking pulp mill!”

Written by Bill Barclay

Topics: Finance

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Join the global call to ANZ Bank, “Don’t fund forest destruction.”

Last weekend was a wake-up call for regional banking giant ANZ. Over 15,000 people took to the streets of Hobart, Tasmania to protest ANZ’s potential financing of a big new pulp mill that threatens remaining stands of Tasmanian old-growth.

In Tokyo, where RAN has been leading a campaign to get big Japanese buyers of woodchips to stop their sourcing from Tasmanian old-growth, we paid a visit to the local ANZ branch office.


Join in with thousands of people around the world who want to see Tasmania’s old-growth protected from reckless logging. Tell Mr. Smith, the new CEO of ANZ Bank, “Don’t fund the GUNNS pulp mill!”

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  1. Daniel P. Mattes says:

    Financing of companies that harm the already fragile environment of this planet is irresponsible business.
    The irreversible damage and loss that reckless logging causes to the environment (and the various species that rely on the forest) are not worth any short term profit that may be gained by funding such ventures and thus should be supported. The negative image that a financer of environmental damage receives causes more loss than gain. I hope that AZN Bank realizes that increasingly people demand companies to be conscious of the impact their decisions have on the environment, and if necessary abandon partnerships that clearly counter the beliefs and wishes of the population directly affected by their decisions.

  2. Don Utter says:

    Australia always seems to be behind the times. It is the contintent with the lowest rainfall yet this insane project to turn into pulp an irreproducable natural resource is reproducing the history that wiped out the native people of Tasmania. I was fortunate to walk in the rain forest there a year ago, but now the agressive, selfish corporations are ready to continue the destruction in order to improve the “bottom line.”

    That is, race to the bottom to destroy the Earth’s climate and that is their real bottom line since accounting principles don’t take into account the place.

  3. sparki says:

    The times they are a changin’ down under. Seems as if Australian prime minister (and Gunns ally) John Howard not only found his party of power yesterday, but he himself lost his seat in parliament. He’s the first Australian prime minister to lose his seat since 1929.


  4. Karthik says:

    Cant you get some timber other than old growth. a pulp mill really stinks and spews out hazardous stuff.

  5. OMG says:

    what is wrong with these people! it is our world that is going to suffer the consiquences! all cos of some stupid pulp mill!!!

  6. RUDIGOZ says:

    fROM france i JUST SEE TONIGT ON fRENCH tv A REPORT ON tasmania, guns COMPANY, pulp mill project .
    But I am astonished by the way how you cut your Forest with leaving 75% of pircrd of wood on the ground, and after with elycopter you deliver a sort of napalm and burnt it.
    I cannot beleieve how TASMANIA and AUSTRALIA a modern country could meave people do that do you know how many tons of CO2 you do ?? what a shame .
    I m not politic , not ecologic but just human who knows what you doing is wrong

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