Citi Called Me Today!

Written by Robin

Topics: Coal

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So I’ve been planning this online action targeting Citi for a while now.

I love it because instead of an online petition or a call in day, we’re using the internet to get Citi to call you!

Citi is the leading funder of the coal industry and coal is the single biggest source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Anyhow, I just got around to actually talking to someone at Citi. It was so fast, within 30 seconds of entering my number I got a call.

The woman had obviously already dealt with a lot of people today who wanted to talk about coal. She told me that she was supposed to collect my information and forward it to “senior management.”

So I gave her my info and asked when I should expect a call from “senior managment.” She said I probably shouldn’t expect a call. So I asked who at Citi did want to hear my voice. At first she said no one.

How sad.

I then asked if I could just get the email address where she was supposed to send my info and, much to my surprise, she gave it to me along with a fax number for the “executive response team.” I’m still undecided about whether to post the number and address or just try to get more people to sign up for a call from Citi.

So, if you’ve talked to Citi today, post your experience here and let’s compare notes!

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  1. SuperWeed says:

    How come you don’t want to publish the contact info? Worried about being SHACed(*)?

    If so, never fear, the time honored tactic of getting people to call/write/fax en masse is only considered to be domestic terrorism if the corporate target is an “animal enterprise,” so you ought to be safe.

    I say: Share the info!

    (*) SHACed = prosecuted for domestic terrorism as a result of engaging in legally protected free speech if said speech is affiliated with a campaign that causes a corporation to lose money. Among the “crimes” for which some of the SHAC7 are still losing time was encouraging people to email or fax Huntington Life Sciences.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t found the place to enter my telephone number. When I sent the message to RAN I got back a link to the very same webpage. There is no place to enter a telephone number. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Brant says:

    SuperWeed: We’ve posted contact info for banks and other campaign targets frequently. In this case, we’re exploiting a customer-service gimmick to get the bank to call you. We’re directing people to Citi’s web page through our own because we like to keep track of how many people are actually calling (we don’t keep your info unless you check the box saying you want to be ‘kept in the loop’). If you just want to go to Citi’s ‘we’ll call you’ page, go –>here<–

  4. Lucy says:

    Great work Robin! I probably wouldn’t get up the courage to call up Citi! Then again, maybe I will….

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