Inspiring Direct Action against Coal in NC and Australia

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Climate

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Al Gore recently predicted that it won’t be long before people are putting their bodies on the line protesting the construction of new coal fired power plants.

He’s being proven correct again and again as people are putting their bodies on the line around the world (in fact, he is considering joining these efforts).

Today in Charlotte
, 2 college students, dressed as polar bears, locked themselves to the doors at Duke Energy to protest the construction of North Carolina’s Cliffside coal plants.

Pictures here.

They didn’t do this because of their apathy or materialism, they did it because Duke’s plans are threatening communities, eco-systems and the climate.

The Cliffside plant will also emit pollutants such as mercury, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Duke’s own calculations project a 10-fold increase in mercury emissions from the proposed plant over 2005 mercury emissions from the existing units. In addition, much of the coal burned at Cliffside would be extracted through the highly destructive practice of mountaintop removal. This practice has destroyed hundreds of square miles of the southern Appalachian Mountains and devastated thousands of miles of streams.

Down under the groundswell against corporate sponsored global warming is reaching new highs as well, just last week 150,00 marched and blockaded coal ports. In the past day, near Sydney, 15 Greenpeace activists were arrested occupying a coal plant .
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Tomorrow over 50 cities and towns will see climate activists take action against the 2 top financiers of coal–Citibank and Bank of America.

The youth and concerned citizens of the world are leading on this issue, how long before the leaders begin to listen?

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