RAN loves New York. New York loves RAN.

Written by Becky Tarbotton

Topics: Agribusiness

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At Chris Noth’s wood paneled Plumm Club in New York this Saturday, the crowd ran thick with RAN friends, old and new. This was the second (now annual!) benefit hosted by the actor of Sex in the City and Law and Order fame, who spoke passionately about his personal commitment to taking real action that will save the planet. And what action would that be? Well, top of his list is supporting RAN and we think that’s great!

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Chris’s friends showed up in full force: co-star Alicia Witt warmed up the crowd with her beautiful songs, followed by Jimmie Webb of song-writing fame (did you know? he wrote ‘Up up and away’ and ‘Witchita Lineman’ — along with hundreds of other classics). In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit that I had a personal moment of ‘eeeek’ when Charlotte (Kristin Davis) from Sex in the City arrived and took her place on the green carpet. But the highlight of the evening was certainly the experience of talking to all these people, new to the idea of activism and thrilled by the idea that they themselves could make change: they could challenge the banks, help stop soy and palm oil plantations, get America off oil AND save trees…..all with such a good group of people. They may not want to hang banners (although if stalwart RAN activists John, Sam and Jeremy got hold of them, you could just bet that by the end of the evening they’d be signing up for climbing lessons), but they could support those who do. And we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves for them. In fact, I’m sure I heard Chris Noth say something about wanting to step it up against the banks – we’ll have to follow-up with him. But you didn’t hear it here…..

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  1. While you party in New York raising funds, others work to get NYC to stop buying rainforest timbers. Why would you not support this campaign: http://www.rainforestportal.org/alerts/send.asp?id=nyc_rainforest

  2. Brant says:

    We’re supportive! Is there a piece of legislation that would accomplish the ban? San Francisco passed a ban on tropical hardwoods and virgin Redwoodwould be an great place to start.

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