Al Gore is considering RAN’s offer to participate in civil disobedience against coal

Written by Luke

Topics: Coal

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We love you Al!

So The Nation reports that Al Gore is considering our offer to engage in civil disobedience, specifically on our November 16-17 National Day of Action Against Coal Finance:

Gore’s office confirmed that the former Vice President had received RAN’s invitation and was considering it, though no decision has been made.

“He has not accepted any of their offers to date,” Kalee Kreider, a spokeswoman for Gore, said of the RAN offer. Kreider did not deny that this phrasing leaves open the possibility of Gore saying yes down the road.

I, for one, am really hoping he decides to participate, if not on November 16, then someday soon. For one thing, I’d like to meet the guy.

You can still sign RAN’s friendly petition asking Al to come be arrested with us—don’t worry, we aren’t flooding his assistant with e-mail or anything. More than 5,000 people have signed already. Sign on and show Al how excited we are that he’s considering our invitation.

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  1. hey al – i’ll do it if you do it.
    love , wendy

  2. James Thomas says:

    Al, we are counting on you…thanks for being a man who stands behind his principles before profit.

  3. Julia Guns says:

    Sure hope you do participate Mr. Gore, you have tried to wake up the world and have succeeded to wake up most of us. Please make an extra statement now, even if it means civil disobedience…

  4. Joseph Wilson says:

    Al your a great influence, many can learn from you,
    to take a stand and be a rebel with a cause..
    Bless you and your family…

  5. Jeff Green says:

    Come on, Al. What better way to show the world your commitment to the environment?

  6. phil hughes says:

    mr gore run for president

  7. phil hughes says:

    yes participate in disobedience against coal run for president

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