ADM, Bunge, Cargill: the ABCs of Rainforest Destruction

Written by Kasha

Topics: Agribusiness

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bannerToday, the Rainforest Action Network turned up the heat on US Agribusiness giants ADM, Bunge, and Cargill. Early this morning, when employees arrived at the Chicago Board of Trade, they were met with a massive banner, reading: “ADM, Bunge, Cargill: the ABCs of Rainforest Destruction.” Watch the banner drop here.

We’re stepping it up and we want these companies to know how serious we are. Yesterday Chicagoans opened the Tribune to find our full page ad, calling out ADM, Bunge, and Cargill for profiting from false solutions to our climate crisis. By promoting industrially produced soy and palm oil as biofuel, these companies are diverting our resources and attention away from truly renewable energy.

Our newly-launched Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign is letting these companies know that destroying the world’s rainforests for profit won’t fly. Join us. Tell the CEOs of these companies that there will be no more agribusiness as usual. Send a message to the CEOs now.

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  1. Ted Potter says:

    Received this reply to an email sent to Cargill (via this website) — thought I would share the response from Cargill
    with you.

    We have received your e-mail regarding the Rainforest Action Network
    agribusiness campaign and Cargill’s role in palm and soy supply chains
    in South East Asia and Brazil.

    We appreciate your concern and want to assure you that Cargill is
    committed to responsible economic development that improves people’s
    lives while protecting the enviornment. The “Responsible Sourcing” page
    on our web site contains a great deal of information on this topic. We
    invite you to visit:

    Thank you for writing to us with your viewpoint.

  2. Ronald Hand says:

    I got the same response as Ted P.

  3. Long time RAN supporter says:

    Great action RAN. Love this campaign. Keep it up!

  4. jessica says:


  5. rev chris john says:

    hello sir/madam,
    i am Rev Chris John from USA and i will like to know whether u do print banners if yes i will like u to mail me back so that method of payment that u do accept so that i can send u my act work. Once again i will like u to know that i am going to send this banners to Ghana west Africa were i will be having a crusade and a freight company will come in for the pick up when payment is been made and the banners are print… hope to hear from u soon….

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