His bowtie is really a camera: challenging Bank of America on coal

Written by Luke

Topics: Coal

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img_2396.jpgRAN’s geek contingent has been experimenting with live mobile Web video for a while now, but today was the first time we used it for an action. While RAN activists floated a balloon banner outside, our own Brant Olson infiltrated the Bank of America investor’s conference, held at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, wearing a not-exactly-inconspicuous Web cam on his lapel. He also managed to ask Joe Price, Bank of America’s CFO, some pretty tough questions about coal.

“…with the near scientific consensus behind the contribution of coal and other fossil fuels to global warming, why does Bank of America continue to rely on it as a key economic strategy for the coming years? There’s not a lot of profits on a planet that’s uninhabitable, wouldn’t you agree?”

The video quality, unfortunately, is pretty bad (we’re working on it, we promise!), and you can’t really hear Joe Price’s response. But according to Brant, he didn’t say much to change our minds about his bank’s lack of leadership on global warming and destructive coal extraction. Check it out, and watch as Brant gets hustled out of the hotel:

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  1. Loris Slender says:

    yes i don’t think he’s wearing a tie

  2. Loris Slender says:

    i mean bowtie…sorry, love.

  3. Luke says:

    It’s a line from a song … they’ve all gone to look for (Bank of) America.

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