RYSE up at your school to keep the planet cool

Written by Levana

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Brrrrrrrrrrringggg! Oh, the dreaded and loved sound of the school bell, reminding us of all the upcoming exams, homework, prep, grades… and taking action to stop climate change. But how you ask? Check out RYSEup.org to get the RYSE (RAN Youth Sustaining the Earth) toolkit, plus all kinds of new RAN global warming lesson plans and activities that will be ready in the next few weeks to start off this school year right. RAN’s new kids action toolkit for elementary school students will be available soon too at RainforestHeroes.com.

We don’t have another school year to wait to engage, educate and inspire our schools to join the climate movement and become not only stellar reducers of greenhouse gas emissions, but places of real dialogue and action.

I just got back from the Brazilian Amazon where I attended a meeting with Indigenous leaders talking about sustainability, climate change and how to stop the threat of oil companies that want to drill in their lands. It was inspiring, and depressing. Climate change is causing the Amazon forest to dry up. It’s the most humid place on Earth- at least it was last time I was there, and now the air is bone dry. The rivers are lower than they have ever been, and the elders told me that the trees are not flowering right. Deborah Yawanawa, a student who is starting a RYSE Chapter at her high school told me,

“It’s hotter here, it’s suffocating hot. It started in the middle of last year. Before the Amazon used to have weather that changed, it was really enjoyable, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, more humid, but not now, it’s all changing now.”

So we are bringing it. And we want you to bring it to your classroom or a classroom near you. Your homework from RAN for this new school year is simple.

Educators: Sign up for the teachers’ enewsletter at www.rainforestheroes.com to receive notification of all the new lesson plans and resources or check back at http://ran.org/new/ryse/educators/ in a few weeks for new lessons.

Middle/ High School Students: Join Deborah, start a RYSE chapter in your school too (www.ryseup.org) and get a RYSE toolkit.

Elementary School Students: check www.rainforestheroes.com in a few weeks to get the new kids action toolkit.

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  1. Nick says:


    I’m a college student at Pacific University in Oregon, and I’m doing my best to fight global warming in my area. Most of my work over the past couple of years has focused on local governments; I started by persuading my hometown of Hillsboro to make the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement pledge, and to work with International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) to develop a plan for reducing greenhouse emissions. I’m now working on the county level of government – after reading about the US Cool Counties Initiative which was launched July, 2007, I decided to work on getting my own county of Washington County on board that movement. I’m keeping a blog where I report on my Cool Washington County Campaign, and other sustainability issues pertaining to local governments in Oregon. My blog address is http://members.greenpeace.org/gpblog/?blog=11165

    In solidarity,

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